Tuesday, February 28, 2012

iPad 3 Thickness

Some people in China managed to get some digital calipers around the next Apple tablet to determine the thickness of the iPad 3. The digital calipers suggest that the iPad 3 will be around 9.50 millimeters or 0.37 inches thick as compared to the iPad 2 at 8.69 mm thick. The only problem I see with this comparison is that Apple specs the iPad 2 at 0.34-inch or 8.8 mm. Maybe these calipers are slightly out of calibration to justify the iPad 2 thickness differences.

The increase in thickness is expected for the iPad 3 assuming the thicker retina display and LTE integration may slightly increase the overall thickness. Hopefully the battery was enlarged to help fill the available space for an increase in iPad 3 battery life.

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