Monday, February 20, 2012

iPad 3 Rear Panel Update

Over the past couple days, MacRumors has managed to get some photographic evidence of the iPad 3 display and rear panel. The photo below is claimed to be an iPad 3 rear panel along with a comparison shot of the iPad, iPad 2 and upcoming iPad 3. This could certainly be a small update for the iPad 2 instead, what do you think?

Another picture from MacRumors shows the iPad 3 display under magnification next to an iPad 2. At the same magnification, 4 pixels (2×2) from the iPad 2’s display are being compared to the iPad 3 retina display. The 16 pixels (4×4) appear to cover the exact same area, making double the resolution. Double resolution equals 4 times the pixels!

Still waiting for the pictures of the 8-inch iPad everyone is talking about.

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