Monday, February 27, 2012

IconRotator: iPhone Cydia Tweak

Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich) released a simple new tweak today for the iPhone to bring iPad like functionality to the iPhone. IconRotator does not add a new icon or have any settings to configure in your extensions. IconRotator is not available in the standard Cydia repo's, and will require that you add Ryan's repo at" to search and install this tweak.

Adding this source to Cydia will provide IconRotator for free to your jailbroken iPhone.

Now no matter if your iPhone is still rotated after exiting a game, you iPhone springboard and icons will be oriented to the direction your iPhone is being held. This is a simple and FREE tweak from Ryan Petrich, definitely worth the install.


  1. Couldn't find repo by that name

  2. What's the deal with that horrible font?


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