Wednesday, February 29, 2012

$10,000 iTunes Giveaway

I'm sure many of our readers have been keeping a close eye on the Apple countdown to 25 billion App Store downloads. If you manage to download the 25 billionth iPad app, you will win yourself $10,000 worth of App Store credit. You can also enter to win without purchase or download from Apple.

According to my math: the Apple ticker is rattling off 10,000 App downloads every 24 seconds. Seeing as we getting close with only 181,000,000 more downloads being needed, we need 18,100 X 24 seconds = 434,400 more seconds to pass before the 25 billionth app download.

434,000 seconds = 7,240 minutes = 120 hours = 5 days!

Assuming a pretty constant rate of downloads, Monday at around noon Cupertino time is going to be the time to download your favorite app.

Watch for our iPad 3 giveaway next month as well.

How to Win:

1. Subscribe to us on Youtube (1 Winner selected)

2. Make sure to follow @iPadJailbroken on Twitter.

3. Make sure you are following Jailbreak iPad on Facebook

Good luck to all our readers!


  1. Your math appears to be spot on!

  2. I bet that your accuracy is within the hour of the Apple press release of the winner!


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