Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SuperSwitcher Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone

Akhil Tolani @saltb0x is a 14 year old iOS developer with popular Cydia tweaks such as SuperSlider, SuperMusic, 6switcher, LockGestures, LockLauncher and StyleUlock. This past weekend he released a $0.99 tweak called SuperSwitcher which allows you to bookmark 9 apps for easy access from your multitasking bar (app switcher).

This tweak also has a second page of SBSettings like toggles that are very easily accessed. This tweak is very handy, especially for those that use their multitasking bar quite often. Many of my friends rarely use this because they either hate the double press on the home button or are afraid of wearing it out. As many of you know, chpwn has solved this issue the simple upswipe access of the app switcher with Zephyr. These two tweaks go really well together and I haven't found an integration issues with enabling them both.

Description from Cydia:

Don't you just hate searching for your favorite app icon in between so many springboard pages? wish you could just "bookmark" your favorite apps in your Multitasking Bar... Now you can with SuperSwitcher!!

With SuperSwitch you can bookmark your 9 favorite apps in a menu above the Multitasking Bar, The apps can be set through settings

But thats not all you can also change system settings right from the menu above the multitasking bar like toggle bluetooth, toggle wifi, change brightness & volume, respring, reboot, safe mode, tweet, sms, call anyone, lookup google and alot of many other things!!

it takes your Multitasking bar (Apps Switcher) to a whole new level!

Again, SuperSwitcher is available in Cydia for just $0.99, let us know what you think of this tweak in the comments below.

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