Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finally, Beer Resistant iPhone!

A company named Liquipel has developed a nano coating to protect electronic devices from water. More than just a splash of water, but can handle being dropped in a few inches of water as shown in the video below. The coating doesn't protect your device when you drop your iPhone onto hard surfaces, it’ll definitely prevent that occasional spilled beer from costing you more than just ridicule from your friends. Currently the Liquipel coating will cost you $59 and more importantly, a 1-2 day turnaround period without your device for the coating to be applied.

Liquipel is seeking to work directly with manufacturers to integrate their coating during the assembly process. Maybe Apple will offer an optional waterproofing fee (much like iPad engraving) for new iPhone purchases in the future for say $20.

I know that the headphone jack being used may appear to be plugging up one of the seepage paths, but at the end of the video the headphone jack is exposed. There are many other Liquipel videos over on their YouTube Channel. This is essentially a thin alternative to a Lifeproof Case that protects your iPhone from more than just water.

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