Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Apple Q1 Earnings Call

Overall, Apple’s quarterly revenue is expected to be just over $39 billion, this is slightly higher than the $37 billion guidance Peter Oppenheimer issued back in October. Analysts are prediciting that Apple will annnounce sales of 30.2 million iPhones, 13.6 million iPods, 13.3 million iPads and 5.1 million Macs. We'll see how close these estimates turn out to be during the Apple Q1 2012 Conference Call.

Check here to Listen to Apple's Q1 2012 Conference Call

Many were disappointed with the 11 million iPads sold last quarter, some inflated expectations neared 20 million units. Holiday sales certainly gave a bumy to the sales, especially with the significant bump in tablet ownership. Amazon definitely created a price war of sorts, but are selling each unit at a loss...

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