Wednesday, November 30, 2011

President Uses DODOCase

Obama got his hands on the iPad 2 3G a little early when Steve Jobs visited the White House back in February. TheNextWeb found a casual photo of Obama on the White House Flickr account and nitived that his iPad was wrapped up with a DODOcase.

I used the DODOcase for my 1st generation iPad for a couple months, but found that it wore out quickly. I permanently switched from DODO after receiving the Powis iCase for review, and instantly fell in love with it. DODO seems to rush their iPad cases to production in an effort to compete with Pad & Quill and the sorts, but I'm going to stick with the quality and flexibility that Powis iCase has to offer Mr. President.

Microsoft Office Apps On The iPad

According to a rumor from Wired and "The Daily", Microsoft Office suite software may be coming to the iPad. Many, including myself, are stuck using Microsoft Word in their "day job" and would see a nice benefit for access to Office Apps. According to "The Daily", the price point is expected to be $10 for the individual suite applications.

Apple currently doesn't have heavy competiton for Apple-based iWork. Offering up MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint for $10 each could definitely hurt sales of Pages, Numbers & Keynote which run $30 in the Apple App Store. Assuming that Apple approves them in the App Store...

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Wins In Australia

Samsung has won a major battle in their ongoing battle with Apple and their Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung has redesigned the tablet and overturned a ban just before the Christmas shopping season. Samsung will not be able to start selling the tablet immediately as Justice Lindsay Foster granted a stay on the order until the end of the week.

Apple accused Samsung of blatantly copying their tablet design and infringing on their patents.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jailbreak Blackberry Playbook With DingleBerry

Chris Wade and company have developed a hack for the PlayBook dubbed DingleBerry. The clip below shows Hulu re-enabled on the PlayBook OS, Hulu blocked access for the BlackBerry tablet immediately after launch. I doubt anyone will question the legality of hacking the PlayBook since Apple lost when jailbreaking was deemed legal.

DingleBerry does have a nice ring to PwnageTool!

Tacky iPad 2 Case, 90 Degrees

The SofShell iPad 2 case is compatible with the SmartCover, and as is very tacky as shown in the videos below. This "non-slip" iPad case adheres to a sheet of glass, even when raised beyond 90 degrees.

Here they put the iPad 2 on most flat, and windshielded part on a Porsche going 60 mph. Not sure about this test, without the brake light shielding the iPad 2 I think it would have flown off since the iPad 2 is sort of like an airfoil.

The SofShell is available for $50.

iOS 5.1 Beta For iPad

Yesterday iOS 5.1 Beta for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch was released to developers. This edition is a 2nd attempt to correct the battery drain issues. Other items releated to the iOS 5.1 release are: APIs, GameKit, iCloud Storage, Movie Player, Music Player, Newsstand, Security and Xcode/Developer Tools.

Hopefully this update doesn't slowdown the iPhone Dev Team and the release of an iOS 5.X jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

iTattoo Apple Fan

Pasquale from Australia sent a photo of his iTattoo to the Cult, and it reads "One More Thing...". Not sure that he would want to show that off in an interview, unless it was at Apple I guess!

From Pasquale...

People think that I am crazy for getting it, but they don’t yet get what Steve has done. He is alongside Albert Einstein and Alfred Hitchcock and many others who have revolutionized their fields.

Here is another Apple fan at the iPhone launch...

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Also...Amazon Kindle Only $123!

Monday, November 28, 2011

iOS Hacker's Handbook

Many of you may not know the masterminds behind your iPad or iPhone jailbreak, much more recognition occurs on the App Store (i.e. Cydia) side of the "jailbreak business". This book is a collaboration effort led by Charlie Miller, Dion Blazakis, Dino DaiZovi, Ralf-Phillip Weinmann and Stefan Esser (@i0n1c). The Dev-Team's MuscleNerd acted at the books Technical Editor.

MuscleNerd announced the book yesterday to give young hacker-wannabes a jump on the career path. Publication date is listed as May 1st, 2012 with preorders available at Amazon for $29.24 (35% off).

Book description

Discover all the security risks and exploits that can threaten iOS-based mobile devices

iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad. With the introduction of iOS5, many security issues have come to light. This book explains and discusses them all. The award-winning author team, experts in Mac and iOS security, examines the vulnerabilities and the internals of iOS to show how attacks can be mitigated. The book explains how the operating system works, its overall security architecture, and the security risks associated with it, as well as exploits, rootkits, and other payloads developed for it.
  • Covers iOS security architecture, vulnerability hunting, exploit writing, and how iOS jailbreaks work
  • Explores iOS enterprise and encryption, code signing and memory protection, sandboxing, iPhone fuzzing, exploitation, ROP payloads, and baseband attacks
  • Also examines kernel debugging and exploitation

Game On Santa, Game On...

The iPad 2 with Facetime is going to be a popular item in Santa's sleigh....

Another "Game On, Santa" commercial

I love how the chick chugs the glass of milk left for Santa!

Ac1dSn0w: New iOS 5 Jailbreak Tool

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the Pwn Dev Team released an iOS 5 jailbreak utility for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Ac1dSn0w contains Apple copyrighted code, making it illegal to use unlike the officially legal jailbreaking techniques. Hackers usually reverse-engineer Apple code to make their own to avoid infringing on copyrights, Ac1dSn0w embedded Apple code 15 times according to MuscleNerd.

Pwn Dev Team explains:

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just released Beta 1 of Ac1dSn0w for Mac OS X Lion (should also work on Snow Leopard). Ac1dSn0w allows you to jailbreak your iDevice tethered. It also provides features like Tethered Boot, Pwned DFU, and Exit Recovery to get your device out of Recovery Loop.

If you want to hack your iPad, and jailbreak it legally...then avoid the Ac1dSn0w jailbreak tool from Pwn Dev Team.

Siri Vs TellMe

Microsoft's chief strategy/research officer (CSRO?) previously stated in an interview that they had beat Apple (and Siri) to the punch in voice recognition software. The Microsoft version dubbed TellMe has been marketed poorly as compared to Siri, but according to the video also seems to be engineered better as well.

Thanks to Siri Humor for these funny Siri screenshots

Asus Transformer Prime Preorders Begin

If you are looking to get your hands on the world's fastest tablet, you may be happy to know that the Asus Prime Transformer is available for preorder at Best Buy for $499. The biggest bragging point of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime (long name) was announce a few weeks back, runs Honeycomb and sports an 8MP camera. The release date for the new quad-core tablet is 12/9/11 according to the preorder site at GameStop.

The Asus Prime Transformer is available in 32GB and 64GB models.

11.11.28 iPad Breakfast

Also, Free Shipping from Apple Online Until December 22nd!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

50% Off On My Favorite iPad Case

If you have followed our blog for very long, you'd know that my favorite iPad 2 (and iPad) case has been the Powis iCase. Here is our review of the Powis iCase for the iPad 2, and the review for the 1st generation iPad.

Click Here for 50% The Powis iCase! Now Through Monday!

I've already ordered a black alligator iPad 2 case for a xmas gift for a friend, I may have to pick up another for a giveaway again!

Click Here for 50% The Powis iCase!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fake Siri Screenshot Creator

iFakeSiri is a website that allows you to type in the conversation you would like Siri to have with you, then you can capture a screenshot for laughs I assume. Siri isn't too keen on jailbreaking my iPad, it would be nice to hear a better answer...Via Siri Humor

Friday, November 25, 2011

iPad 2 Jailbreak Demo On iOS 5

MuscleNerd has released a Preliminary iOS 5 jailbreak video for the iPad 2, showcasing a couple apps proving it is indeed an iPad 2 and is running iOS 5. The iPad 2 has only been jailbroken once on iOS 4.3.3.

I am holding off on my iPad 2 iOS 4.3.3 jailbreak for now, but am missing out on a few of the features of iOS 5 that I have on my iPhone 4S.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

iPad 2 Nearly 10% Off For Black Friday

If you were wondering what Apple had in store for Black Friday, wonder no more. 9To5Mac has leaked documentation showing the prices being offered for the Black Friday extravaganza. These certainly aren't going to be the lowest prices that you'll see on the iPad or iPod Touch since Best Buy and/or Target certainly be offering limited quantities of Apple related deals to get people in their stores.

Apple deals are:
  • Macs $101 less
  • iPad 2 priced $41 to $61 less
  • iPod Nano $11 less
  • iPod Touch down $21 to $41

There are also some nice accessory deals to be had from Apple as well:

  • Apple SmartCover (iPad 2) $11 off
  • Trackpad, Wireless Keyboard $5 off
  • iTunes, iBookstore, App Store giftcards 10% off
Are these deals worthy?

Grablet, Getting A Handle On Your iPad 2

I tried out the Grablet this past weekend for my iPad 2 and have found many personal uses for iPad grappling accessory. The Grablet snaps snuggly around the 4 corners of your iPad, giving your prized possession a handle. My kids handle my iPad 2 quite often, but I didn't see them using the back handle...they do have small hands though. We have used the iPad 2 for media entertainment in our SUV, and the Grablet make it easy to hang the iPad 2 for long car rides while connected to our BlueTooth car audio.

It the business market, I see many applications for this type of accessory. My dad recently retired from Hostess (mmmm Twinkies!) and hand a handled computer for his daily stops and stock monitoring. The Grablet seems perfect for a utility technician, FedEx/UPS driver, or an equipment/plant operator. I rarely use both hands on my iPad 2, but usually us it in leisure on the couch with the tablet on my leg. The Grablet is not intended for iPad protection, but instead to get a grip on it. This product is very versatile and has many applications in the home, car, or in the workplace.

The Grablet is available for the iPad 2 for $39.99 in a variety of colors, Hot Pink appears to be sold out though!

2011 Non-iPad Sales, 1.2 Million In US

NPD research revealed that the "non-iPad market" has been a very diversified market. The top 5 competing tablets besides the iPad have 60% of the remaining market. This obviously excludes the Amazon Kindle Fire, but successfully shows that prior to October there has been no real frontrunner competing to the iPad. HP rose to the top of the list with 17% of sales, they did have a pretty good deal on the HP TouchPad.

"According to NPD's consumer tracking service, 76 percent of consumers who purchased a non-Apple tablet didn't even consider the iPad, an indication that a large group of consumers are looking for alternatives, and an opportunity for the rest of the market to grow their business," said NPD analyst Stephen Baker.

It is pretty sad that the 2nd best tablet in 2011 so far was discontinued...

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lockscreen Multitasking

If you are looking to customize your iPad even further, you've come to the right place. This Cydia tweak is called "Lockscreen Multitasking" and allows you to do the obvious, access your multitasking bar from your lockscreen. This tweak is still functional with a passcode set, allowing you to see the multitasking bar and select the app of your choice. The passcode is required after your choice is made...

I have installed this on my jailbroken iPhone 4 as well, and find it to be quite useful overall...

Check out all of our iPad Jailbreak Videos on YouTube, be sure to subscribe to our channel for iPad jailbreak updates.

Springtomize 2 For iPad (iOS 5)

The creator of one of the most popular Cydia tweaks for iOS 4, Filippo Bigarella posted on his tumblr blog that he is nearly complete with the sequel to Springtomize being dubbed Springtomize 2. The first version of Springtomize is a very nice tweak for your iPad 2 running iOS 4.3.3, bringing together many customizations into one polished Cydia tweak. Hopefully the jailbreak community will be bringing Cydia to the iPad 2 sometime soon, we just have to remain patient.

In the past, the individual options for customizing your status bar, icons, or dock were separate tweaks. This creates more burden for the jailbreak with the multiple respringing and introduces the potential for compatibility issues with the many different tweaks. while the iPad 2 isn't yet jailbroken in iOS 5, the 1st generation iPad is jailbroken and will be able to take advantage of Springtomize 2 on the iPad running jailbroken iOS 5.

Springtomize 2 is NOT a simple compatibility update to the iOS 4 version, and is a completely new rewrite...future iOS 5 version updates will obviously be FREE! Filippo is planning to release Springtomize 2 on December 2nd in the Cydia Store with an initial price (10 days) of $0.99 for previous Springtomize (iOS 4) owners and $2.99 for new users. After the initial period is over, the price will jump to $1.49 for iOS 4 Springtomize owners and $3.99 for new users.

Custom iPad Settings Without Jailbreak

Many of us are patiently waiting for our new iPhone 4S to be jailbroken, or have an iPad 2 running iOS 5 without jailbreak. Well Jeff Broderick may have a non-jailbreak solution for your unsupported devices. Jeff on his YouTube Channel: MyJailbreakMovies has provided a tutorial of a way to add SBSetting-like functionality to your iPhone or iPad running iOS 5.

Simple head over to on your iPhone or iPad to download the shortcut icons for yourself. Bluetooth, WiFi, HotSpot, iCloud, Airplane mode and many more are available.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

How Mainstream Is Jailbreaking

I don't know how you could call jailbreaking mainstream?

Barack Obama currently has an approval rating of 43%, and has varied as high as 69%...and he was elected by the mainstream voting pool.

Via JailbreakZone

Jailbreaking started two weeks after the release of the original iPhone, and was driven mainly by the carrier restriction in the United States. I purchased my iPad 2 on March 11, 2011 and was not able to jailbreak it until July 5, 2011 with the launch of JailbreakMe 3.0.

During a Saurik Q&A, it was revealed that around 12% of Apple iPad/iPhone devices are jailbroken. But this number drops to 6% after a major iOS update, leading many to suspect that many have installed iOS 5 without a jailbreak.

With the lacking support for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 in iOS 5, these percentages are sure to drop until the jailbreak developers can find a way to get Cydia installed.

iPad Autocorrection Bar [Cydia Tweak]

If you were a previous Android fan, you may be interested in the latest jailbreak tweak for your iPad called Autocorrect Bar from Cydia. There are many great free Cydia tweaks for your iPad, and this one isn't too bad, but not my preference for autocorrection. Decide for yourself...

If you don't have Cydia on your iPad or are waiting for an iOS 5 jailbreak for your iPad 2, you are definitely missing out. Hopefully, the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 will be supported on iOS 5 ETA has been given though.

iPad Snowboard

As a tribute to Steve Jobs, the iShred was created. This snowboard was milled from a block of aluminum and has a 3G iPad 2 built-in to the iShred. Surprising the iPad handled the stresses involved with shredding the snow...

Via Signal Snowboards

Amount Of Android Malware Doubling Each Month

Juniper Research has put together a nice infographic showing the rise of mobile malware, with significant increases over the past couple months. I guess everybody wants an "Android Touchy Phone".

iPad Tops Kids Wishlist

What do your kids want for Xmas?

Well according to a Nielsen survey (of 6-12 year olds apparently), 44% of kids want an iPad for Christmas. My kids are in that age range and are already using an iPad for fun and learning games daily.

It looks like Apple rounds out the top 3 with the iPod Touch and iPhone. There are some kids interested in some other tablet besides the iPad, but only a combined 25% of kids want "any other tablet". That is a pretty broad category since there are 20 or so other kinds of tablet besides the iPad.

Apple TV Developer Interest

Even after the Apple TV was jailbroken with seas0npass, many still thought that an Apple TV App Store would do well. 3rd party developer interest has been declining the past year. The Mac App Store has been a success in most peoples opinion, and the implementation of an Apple TV App Store definitely would spark some interest.

I know that I'd be interested in paying for some Apple TV integrated apps, especially if they are "made for the Apple TV". Do you think an Apple TV App Store would do well?

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Android Tablet Most Interested In, Kindle Fire

Some interesting information was released through a Appcelerator report a couple days ago. Applcelerator surveyed over 2,000 developers to determine the interesting for developing for Kindle Fire as compared to the iPad 2.

The Amazon Kindle Fire has peaked developer interests in the Android market, especially in North America. The Kindle Fire may already be the best selling Android tablet available after only fulfilling pre-orders.

iOS still leads the way, due to the best App Store on the planet!

The price of the Kindle Fire is the most compelling part of Amazon's new tablet, probably due to the limited success of the HP TouchPad after price cuts.  I suspect that Amazon may be losing a little money on the Kindle Fire, but don't have the numbers to back it up.

iPad Owns 87% Of Global Tablet Web Traffic

The Apple iPad 2 has increased competition now with the Galaxy Tab, PlayBook, and that Amazon Tablet...Kindle Fire. comScore has estimated that over 95% of all tablet web traffic comes from the iPad in the United States. PingDom is reporting that 87.6% of the tablet web usage worldwide is with the iPad with data during the first 2 weeks of November.

It will be interesting to compare the first 2 weeks of November to the last 2 weeks of November now that Kindle Fire preorders are being filled.

Verizon Lifejacket Coverage Commercial

Need a rescue from a sunken ship, better get Verizon...

Verizon offering “the best wireless service in the world for your iPhone.”

iPad 2 White Clamcase

Last Christmas, we gave you a preview of the Clamcase for the iPad, now Clamcase LLC has announced a White Clamcase For iPad 2. There are many iPad keyboard cases available in the market now, but none appear to be as elegant as the Clamcase.

The white ClamCase is available for the iPad 2 only (duh) at a cost of $149, we have sent a request to Clamcase for a sample for review and giveaway to the site readers.

11.11.17 iPad Breakfast

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quit Your Whining, You Don't Have A Drinking Problem...

Check out this Siri Screenshot from Siri Humor, doesn't look like Siri is being much help here...

More please...

Kindle Fire Teardown

The folks at iFixit Blog didn't waste any time in tearing apart the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. As for repairability:

"Although its plain design (no volume buttons, cameras, etc.) meant fewer components, we had no hesitation in rewarding the Fire with a sterling 8 out of 10 for repairability."

Overall, the Kindle was much easier to open that the iPad (or iPhone/iPod). The battery comes in at 16 Watt-hours, well below the 25 Watt-hour battery in the iPad 2. Similarities were found between the Kindle Fire and BlackBerry PlayBook, which isn't a bad thing since it is half the price of the PlayBook from BlackBerry.

Also, check out the Best Apps For The Kindle Fire