Friday, September 30, 2011

AnyAttach For iPad [Video]

One of my most used Cydia tweaks is AnyAttach on both my iPad and iPhone. Any types of files can be attached with the AnyAttach cydia tweak ($1.99) and a couple configuration adjustments in the settings menu. There is a separate section to browse your photo applications for any photos or videos, great for sending multiple images at the same time.

If you are having difficulty with your iPad or iPhone in adding that attachment to your email, look no further. AnyAttach is a cydia tweak that adds a paperclip to subject line of all emails, tapping allows your to add whatever your iDevice file you can find. AnyAttach access your iPads internal directories and attach any file extension to your email.

Cydia Updates Featured Page To Get Started

Cydia was recently updated to give a new jailbreaker 10 Tools To Start With to get the jailbreakers appetite going. There are a few sections for calling improvements, package helpers, file manage/sharers, icon & interface customizations, Safari improvements, and tweaks/extension for photographers.

Here is a rundown of the Cydia tweak to get going with:

Activator - FREE
Action Menu - FREE
Five Icon Dock - FREE
iFile - $4.00
ManualCorrect - FREE
MxTube - FREE
QuickReply for SMS - FREE
SBSettings - FREE
SpringFlash - FREE
WinterBoard - FREE

What do you think is missing on this list? Springtomizer? AnyAttach?

Charlie Sheen's Winning Pong

A new Cydia toy available yesterday was Charlie Sheen's Winning Pong for the iPad and iPhone. The puck is Charlie Sheen's head, the paddles are a rolled up dollar bill for the computer player and a razorblade for you.

This game is about 2 months too late in my opinion.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Your Data Use This Month Places You In The Top 5% Of Users

I try to say under the Verizon radar by keeping my monthly data usage under 10GB with my jailbroken iPhone. It is surprising that some people can manage to rack up 30GB or more each month on their jailbroken Verizon iPhone. I cherish my unlimited data plan through Verizon and would hate to have my grandfathered data priveleges taken away for my jailbreak.

MyWi is one of the best reasons to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. AT&T appears to be sending text messages (see left) to high data users telling them their rank. I'm curious if they are sending these a "Top 1%" or "Top 10%" text as well, drop a comment or tell us on if you received one of these.

ATT MSG: Your data use this month places you in the top 5% of users. Use Wi-Fi to help avoid reduced speeds. Visit or call 8663447584

GravityBalls Cydia Game For iPad

GravityBalls is a simple Cydia game, just avoid the falling balls. You use the accelerometer to move your skateboard from left to right in an attempt to dodge the falling GravityBalls. Free from Cydia with your jailbroken iPad or iPhone.

It is about as tough as Winning Pong against Charlie Sheen

iPhone 4G Prototype has taken the purported iPhone 4G case and created a physical prototype for the iPhone 4G upcoming from Apple. MacRumors created promo shots for a prototype of the iPhone 4G, but went a step further in actual reverse engineering the supposed iPhone 4G case.

Prototype dimensions: 109.98mm (height) by 59.94mm (width)

iPhone 4G thickness: 6.86mm (top) tapers to 5.33mm (bottom)

We won't have to wait much longer to get more details on the iPhone 4G, next Tuesday (October 4th) all will be revealed.

ClearSpotlight Cydia Tweak On The iPad

ClearSpotlight is little tweak makes your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch forget about your last Spotlight search when you open a search result. This tweak is from Itay and is available for free from the Cydia store. I'm really not a big user of Spotlight (mainly use Spotlight as a calculator), and probably won't get as much use out of ClearSpotlight than the more avid users.

If you are looking for the best free Cydia tweaks for your iPad, you have come to the Cydia iPad authority.

Motorola Zoom 4G LTE Upgrade [Finally]

According to Xoom Droid, the Motorola if finally getting the long awaited 4G LTE upgrade. Motorola Xoom owners were originally promised a 4G LTE conversion in late May, then finally in July an announcement was made for September. Here we are in the last few days of September and the Motorola promises are expected to arrive.

If I had bought a Motorola Xoom, I'd be pissed...

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Custom Double Space For iPad

A new Cydia tweak by Itay replaces the "." that is automatically inserted when you press the spacebar 2 times. Custom Double Space enable the "double space" command to automatically insert a custom text string instead of the iOS standard period. This is free Cydia tweak is a nice customization to have the ability to set.

You can also set this tweak to insert a "double space" to disable this automatic function if it is irritating you. If you aren't running Cydia on your iPad, then you are using it to it's full potential!

Kindle Fire Tablet From Amazon

Amazon officially announced the Kindle Fire this morning, along with and entry level Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G. The base model Kindle is $79 for people that don't like smudges. The Kindle Fire will definitely give the iPad 2 some competition at only $199.

Kindle Fire Specs
  • 7-Inch Display
  • 169 pixels per inch
  • 1024 x 600 pixel
  • Gorilla Glass
  • 14.6 ounces (413 grams) in weight
  • Dual-Core Processor
  • 8GB Internal Storage (Cloud storage)
  • Battery life 8 hours with wireless off
  • Amazon Silk Mobile Web Browser
  • Free Amazon Cloud storage
  • Access to 18 million songs, movies, TV shows, books magazines, apps and games
  • WiFi-only, Whispersync to the cloud
  • USB 2.0 (micro-B connector)

You can pre-order the Amazon Fire today, ships November 15th.

Cutting Board iPad App

This had better be a free iPad app

Via HD Humor

Retailers Beginning To Love Online Shoppers With Tablets

Maybe it is the App Store mentality, the inherent wealth of a tablet user, or possibly it is the convenienence of the iPad. Online retailers have found that people using an iPad and other tablet are more likely to make a purchase. On average, the tablet user is also going to spend over 10% more on each purchase.

Less than 10% of online shoppers own a tablet, but this will likely change with the popularity of the iPad and the tablet PC in general. Tablet users as well as smart phone users are certainly going to fuel the online retail market for years to come.

A few key points:
  • 5 out of 10 tablet owners research products
  • 3 out of 10 tablet owners have used their device for online shopping
  • 3% of the nearly $150 billion spent online last year (US Consumers) came via mobile devices
Wall Street Journal

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SBSettings For iOS 5

For all of the tweaks that are available through Cydia and jailbreaking my iPhone and iPad, SBSettings is probably the most used. There's a reason we named SBSettings as one of the 36 reasons to jailbreak your iPad. Recently AnyAttach and KBShortcuts have become very useful Cydia tweaks as well, but SBSettings will remain my left status bar swipe activator.

SBSettings on the next iOS will obviously require a iOS 5 jailbreak along with Cydia. This iOS 5 SBSettings is available from Big Boss and is compatible with iOS 4.X.X. SBSettings has been a jailbreak tweak since iPhone firmware 2.0 and now it is on iOS 5.

The new SBSettings will certainly lead to some nice customized themes.

Let's Talk iPhone, October 4th

The press conference will begin at 10:00 a.m. Pacific, 1:00 p.m. Eastern

As previously rumored, the Apple iPhone event will take place on Apple's campus in Cupertino, California. It was rumored today that the next iPhone(s) would officially go on sale October 14th, I would suspect that preorders may start on Friday, October 7th. These dates coincide with previous days to launch for the previous iPhones

There is a #1 on the phone icon, does that mean only 1 new iPhone? I would assume that the iPad is off the table (and iPod Touch) for this discussion next Tuesday. Don't leave the 4G off the iPhone Apple!

iPad In The Workplace, Distracting

There are many instances where people use an iPad in the workplace, but what about when people bring their personal iPad to work. If you thought that a smartphone was distracting in the office, the iPad is only worse when brought to the office. I use my iPad regularly in my job but like many, I easily get off task and find myself off on some unrelated tangent.

Smokers are probably the most noticed "slackers" since they are in display at the front door 4-6 times each day. Most of the slacking off actually happens while inside the cubicle.

For all the bosses out there, you probably need to tell your employees to leave their iPad and iPhone in the car while at work. Non-work related internet surfing will surely rise, but overall your employees will be more efficient. If you have a smoking, spacey, socializer at work that has a smartphone and tablet within their sure to dump all the extra work on them!

Facebook iPad App Coming To iOS 5

Mashable is reporting that a new facebook app for the iPad is expected to be announced at Apple's rumored October 4th Event. Facebook didn't mention much about mobile devices last week at F8. It is being reported that this delay is likely due to the strained relationship between Apple and Facebook.

Twitter has been integrated into iOS 5 along with a few other features discussed at WWDC this past June, with iOS 5 nearing GoldMaster status it will likely not see Facebook integration. But surprises are always looming at Apple!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

JailbreakCon 2012 In California

This past weekend, there was a vote to determine where JailbreakCon 2012 would be held. There were 4 options available: New York, Los Angeles, Texas, and Oklahoma. p0sixninja and Saurik Q&A sessions are expected with all of the jailbreak community under one roof. California was the first to receive 1,000 votes and Los Angeles will likely host the 2012 jailbreak convention.

Steve Jobs would have all of the jailbreak minions in one place to pump gas or set it on fire next year. MyGreatFest was held in London a couple weeks back with iOS 5 being the main topic of discussion.

11.7% of iPhones Jailbroken

According to What is an iPhone, the percentage of iPhones jailbroken is over 10%. Currently, 11.7% of iPhones are jailbroken running iOS 4.X.X. Millions of these were likely due to JailbreakMe, but the looming iOS 5 release will certainly hurt that figure.

During a Saurik Q&A, Jay revealed that the number of jailbroken devices jumps around between 6% (new iOS) to 12% (long standing iOS version) Are you part of the 11% minority? Planning to upgrade to iOS 5 or wait for a jailbreak?

What Will I Do With My iPad?

According to AllThingsD (Citigroup survey of 1,800 consumers), many people bought a tablet planning to do a bunch of work on it. Over 80% of iPad owners have paid for an app, while less than 50% of the users of Android tablets have done so.

Instead, we end up spending a lot of time Web surfing and looking at email, but that counts as work for me!

What do you accomplish (if anything) with your iPad?

Brightness Icons With Winterboard

There is a new free Cydia tweak available for the iPhone and iPad that adds brightness icons to your springboard. Tapping these Brightness Icons will raise or lower the brightness without accessing your settings or App switcher. Holding down on either of these will result in either the maximum or minimum brightness. This Cydia tweak does require that Winterboard be installed on your jailbroken iPad or iPhone.

To move these icons, you'll need to tap and hold on a different icon since the long press on these icons has a different feature enabled. What do you think?

Via iDownloadBlog

Motorola Xoom 2 Coming

This Is My Next has uncovered some new details about a new version (or 2) of the Xoom tablet from Motorola. The new Xoom is expected to be 9mm thick, just slightly larger that the iPad 2 thickness at 8.8mm. A smaller "Media Edition" with an 8.2-inch screen weighing under 1 pound is expected to be available as well.

I really doubt a 2nd model will help the Motorola Xoom out much, 4G LTE access is probably it's best feature though.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

QuickSafari Cydia Tweak Via Activator

QuickSafari relies on Activator, to use QuickSafari you need to configure an activation method to launch. I have mine set to launch with a right swipe on the status bar. QuickSafari does not add a new icon to your springboard, and isn't even visible in the settings extensions.

This tweak has a pop up window that you can enter a search term for Google or you can enter a url. A new safari tab will be opened with your search or url item. This cydia tweak works on both the iPhone and iPad.

Friday, September 23, 2011

KBShortcuts On iPad Video [Cydia Tweak]

KBShortcuts on the iPad

Yesterday, we gave you an overview of a new Cydia tweak called KBShortcuts. This is a very handy paid Cydia tweak that allows you to copy and paste without leaving the keyboard.

Just a couple swipes across the spacebar and you're done. Check out our overview of the 37 different shortcuts available from KBShortcuts in Cydia.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Freemium App Pricing Model

The Verizon Developer Conference presentation included the pie chart below showing the percentage of revenue earn from the freeimum. Verizon looked at the top 200 highest-grossing applications in the iTunes App Store. Freemium apps are free to download, but are limited and require an in-app purchase to gain full access.

Currently, Freemium apps account for 65 out of the Top 100 grossing games in the U.S. App Store. App developers are most interested in developing for iOS. Comic apps are also making a charge with the freemium pricing model. 72% of the revenue comes from Apps featuring in-app purchases while only 4% of total iPhone apps include an in-app purchase option.

You may want to block in-app purchases on your iPad if you have little kids using it a lot.

This Guy's iPhone Is Tweaked

Winterboard custom themed faces for iPhone icons.

Via Buzzed Tip

KBShortcuts Cydia Tweak For iPad, iPhone

KBShortcuts by iSam combines a few nice functions on the iPhone to really improve productivity on the iPhone. KBShortcuts is a paid Cydia tweak and is available for $2.50. KBShortcuts took the best elements of Swype, TextExpander, and ActionMenu, and made it work within a single tweak. KBShortcuts includes the ability to:
  • Translate
  • Search and Replace
  • Define Word
  • Word Count
  • Overwrite Mode
  • Text Navigation/Selection

To enable KBShortcuts, you just need to swipe the 'Spacebar' on the keyboard to the shortcut key. If you want to 'Copy' swipe from the spacebar to the 'C', to 'Select All' swipe from the spacebar to the 'A'. Custom text can also be inserted quickly through a setting within the KBShortcuts tweak.

Simply slide your finger from the Spacebar to the "?" (need caps-lock on) to get the help menu.

Full KBShortcuts Help Menu
? - Help
! - Set/Reset/Disable Keys
. - Disable KBShortcuts
@ - Insert Email
a - Select All
b - Set Bookmark
c - Copy
d - Define Word
e - End of Document
f - Search
g - Go To
h - Beginning Of Document
i - Line Up
j - Previous Character
k - Line Down
l - Next Character
m - Next Word
n - Previous Word
o - Toggle Overwrite
p - End Of Line
q - Start Of Line
r - Replace
s - Select Current/Previous Word
t - Translate
u - Toggle Case
v - Paste
w - Word Count
x - Cut
y - Redo
z - Undo
0-9 - Quicktext (10)

KBShortcuts is available through Cydia (may need to Reload Data) for $2.50 this morning. No new icons will be added to your Springboard, configurations are through the Settings.

Apple Stance On Unauthorized Software (Jailbreaking)

Apple was not very fond of people jailbreaking Apple floor models of the iPad and iPhone. Since jailbreaking is legal, Apple is not happy and must be voiding warranties with this Apple Store notice.

Via @Besweeet

Apple Statement About Servicing iPhone

Some of the unauthorized unlocking programs available on the internet may cause irreparable damage to iPhone software. As part of the service process, Apple will update the software on your iPhone to the latest version. IF YOU HAVE MODIFIED YOUR IPHONE SOFTWARE, YOUR IPHONE MAY BECOME PERMANENTLY INOPERABLE WHEN APPLE UPDATES THE SOFTWARE. Making unauthorized modifications to the software on your iPhone violates the iPhone software license agreement, and the inability to use your iPhone due to unauthorized software modifications is not covered under your iPhone warranty. Additionally, your iPhone can only be serviced in the country where is was purchased.

11.09.22 iPad Breakfast

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Airport WiFi Usage Most Likely iOS Device

According to a press release today by boingo, consumers are using their Wi-Fi network at Airports is dominated by iOS. The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch combine for over 83% of the devices accessing the WiFi. Android comes in a distant 2nd with only 11.3% of the devices.

The iPad has only been available for 18 months, while Android phones (hundreds of them) have been around over 2 years. The Android tablets are playing catch-up with the delay of the tablet version of Android from google. But if you see me traveling, I'm likely to have my jailbroken iPad 2 or iPhone 4 in my hands.

Many people are ditching the Laptop and using either a smartphone or tablet to access the addiction that is indeed the internet.

Days To Launch iPhone 4G?

How fast do you think Apple will get the new iPhone in peoples hands after the announcement on October 4th?

I would expect preordering for the new iPhone to begin online rather promptly with people waiting in line at Apple stores almost immediately.

Via what is an iPhone

Jailbreak For iOS 5

The good news for iDevice owners is that the Chronic Dev Team has made progress on the iOS 5 Jailbreak for the upcoming 5th generation iPhone(s). I think the public is ready for an iPhone 4G, maybe the cellular companies aren't ready though.

After the iPhone 4G design specs are made available, the Chronic Dev Team will working diligently to prepare a jailbreak solution for the public. The Chronic Dev team prepared for the iPhone 4G jailbreak, without having the device in their hands yet.

The jailbreak solution will be a “Userland” exploit, this is a methond of jailbreaking through modifying commands existing outside of the iOS kernel. Popular browser based userland exploits such as the three versions of the popular JailbreakMe solution, patch iDevices at a software level to jailbreak them. Boot exploits allow for low-level control.

The biggest downside of a exploit that is userland based is that Apple can easily patch it and has been doing so promptly.

Apple Donates 1st Gen iPads

I know many of you would enjoy a free iPad, and you wouldn't care if it were a 1st generation or 2nd generation. Apple has given away over 9,000 iPads according to CNN Money, to teachers in 38 states as a part of their outreach to the Teach for America program.

Apple has donated the 1st gen iPad's to teachers, accompanied by an email that reads: “What could an iPad do for your classroom and your students?” Teach For America is a program that trains graduates from some of America’s most prestigious universities to teach in the most dangerous schools throughout the nation. Learning with the iPad has definitely been at the forefront with Apple, and for good reason!

iPhone 5 Event October 4th

I would expect that the Apple iPhone 5 (iOS 5) jailbreak to be announced shortly there after. According to AllThingsD, Tuesday October 4th is the day that Apple will hold its next big media event. This event will certainly be an announcement of the iPhone 5, along with other "surprises" hopefully. Maybe an iPad 2HD?

Tim Cook will likely be leading the charge on October 4th