Friday, July 29, 2011

Best Paid Cydia Tweaks

Much like low priced apps in the Apple App Store, there are many reasonably priced Cydia tweaks available for those with a jailbroken iPad. Cydia developers need to be supported in the same manner, although there are many great free Cydia tweaks for your iPad.

42 more Cydia tweaks to go with the best free Cydia tweaks we discussed yesterday.

3GUnrestrictor - Tricks your iPad into believing you are on WiFi for apps (like Facetime) that block you from access on only 3G.

5-Row Keyboard for iPad - Adds a row to the keyboard through Winterboard with numbers on the top row

Action Menu PlusPack - This ActionMenu addon has many new features to the cut and paste functionality in iOS. You can "Tweet the currently selected text" or "Locate on Google Maps" for example.

Adblocker - Advertisement blocker for Safari which is easy to use, works on other applications using browser-styled views.

Auto3G - Turns off 3G automatically while the device is locked, saving battery cycles. Starts up 3G when enabled.

Barrel - Adds in 3D page transitions and cool special effects.

BTStackKeyboard - Link a Bluetooth HID Keyboard to your iPad.

Color Mail Labels - Allows different email accounts a specific color within Mail, my favorite when in "All Inboxes" view.

DisplayOut - Send the screen image of your iPad through a VGA/HDMI cable no matter if the application support it.

Dock - Multitasking switcher that includes themes, favorites, and includes a 3 day free trial.

Display Recorder - Perfect for making a video demo on your iPad.

Folder Enhancer - iOS Folders are have some issues, FolderEnhancer makes them much better.

GPowerPro - Instead of your iPad only offering slide to turn off, This tweak adds reboot and respring to the power off mode.

Gridlock - Removes the requirement for the springboard grid to align and fill left-right and top-bottom without needing to use transparent icons.

Iconoclasm - Allows you to apply many different icon layouts, such as 6x6 at 36 icons per screen.

iFile - Really, the only way to access your files in iOS.

infiniboard - Add as many icons as you like to each page.

infinidock - Add as many icons to your dock as you like.

infifolders - Add as many icons to your folders as you like.

Inspell - Alternative spellcheck and autocorrect system that can be customized and configured.

iStrings - Change text shown for iOS messages that popup.

LockInfo - Adds information to the lockscreen with customizations and theme support.

Locktopus - Allows password protection for some, all or one apps directly from the springboard.

MailEnhancer - Allows for multiple email signatures for your multiple email accounts.

ManualCorrectPro - The Pro version of the free tweak adds SBSettings toggle and autocorrect presets.

Masks - Allows your icons to take a custom shape.

Move2Unlock - Different ways to unlock your iPad instead of sliding.

MultiFlow - Full screen interface for multitasking.

OverBoard - Allows overview of springboard pages to quickly jump instead of paging through.

Photoalbums+ for iPad - Allows for additional folders beneath the iOS photos app along with password protection.

PkgBackup - Backup/restore your Cydia Apps, settings, repositories, and more quickly, never start fresh again.

Pwntunes - This allows drag/drop music along with other media to your iPad outside of iTunes.

RetinaPad - This tweak tricks iPhone apps into thinking they are on a retina screen making the 2x less distorted.

ScreenDimmer - Turn backlighting off to conserve battery life.

ScrollingBoard - Turbocharges your iPad dock with more icons, swipe right for more.

Shrink - Makes your icons a little smaller, works great with iconoclasm to fit more icons.

SleepFX - Cool effects when your iPad is placed into sleep mode.

SmartScreen for iPad iOS - Adds widgets like clocks and calendars to your iPad lockscreen.

Springtomize - Nice ways to customize the iPad springboard.

Syncronicity - Allows you to use your iPad while it is syncing.

WiFi Booster - Eliminates signal strength limit internally from the WiFi Settings pane to show more faint networks.

YourTube HD - Allows for downloading streaming video to save and view them in the YouTube app.

Here are some nice free Cydia tweaks as well!

1 Day of iPad 2 Sales, Equivalent to 1 Month for Xoom

iPad 2's are being sold rather quickly, when compared to other tablets. Apple sold 9.2 million tablets in the past quarter (92 days), this makes the math easy as Apple averages 100,000 iPad 2 sold EACH DAY. Motorola is expecting to sell just over a million tablets in 2012 according to All Things D, averaging to less than 100,000 Motorola Xoom's each MONTH. Maybe they are waiting for Motorola to upgrade the tablet to 4G on Verizon.

Surely the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will fare better for Android.

Angry Birds HD Price Cut

This past weekend, the price Angry Birds HD for the iPad has been slashed from $4.99 to $1.99. This launched the already popular game back into the top couple spots. Rio, Seasons and HD were all in the top 5 overall on the App Store. There are now 270 levels for Angry Birds HD, which reminds me that I need to start playing again. I got 3 stars on all the levels during Christmas traveling, fell way behind on the updates.

By running dual iPad apps at the same time, maybe I can get these levels done even faster.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Must Have iPad Cydia Apps

So you're running Cydia on your iPad, what cool apps start with? Here are some cool Cydia Apps to install on your jailbroken iPad:


After installing many Cydia apps on your iPad 2, it can become a hassle removing them. Usually you'll have to go through Cydia itself, it isn't like removing iTunes apps by simply clicking clicking a little X at the corner to delete it. Cydelete allows you to delete Cydia installed apps in exactly the same way.


This app is a must have for any iPad 2 user who doesn’t have an iPhone. As an iPad user, you'll often find an app which was not optimized for the larger format and is designed with the iPhone in mind instead. FullForce tricks the app into thinking it was created for the larger iPad’s screen. You need to toggle this feature to activate FullForce for a given app.


If you are away from your computer or don’t have access to a computer to easily organize the apps on your iPad 2, it can be a hassle dragging one icon around at a time to a location. MultiIconMover allows you to move many icons to different screens at a time.

Check out some of our favorite Cydia apps for the iPad 2 as well.

Smartphone Sales Breakdown

Android is continuing to lead the market in the U.S. according to a Nielsen report. RIM Blackberry is continuing its plunge, while Window's mobile has grabbed 9% of the sales. Apple iOS sales are falling on solely the iPhone 4 and one carrier with the iPhone 3GS.

As far as Android, HTC and Motorola are leading the way here in the states. Samsung will likely get a big jump following the release of the Galaxy S II smartphone in the U.S., it is selling like hotcakes elsewhere already. Apple and a new iPhone may help strengthen their overall position to take some of the dried up marketshare of RIM. 9 To 5 Mac have leaked photos of a silicone case that shows a thinner redesigned iPhone 5. The Galaxy S II and next iPhone (4G?) will both be released (in the U.S.) in a month or so.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 On 4G, Available Today

If you are still waiting to upgrade your Xoom to 4G, you can throw your tablet on craigslist and pick up the Samsung 10.1 4G today. Verizon started offering preorders back in late June, the 16GB model is $529 and the 32GB model is $629. Refer to the new Verizon tablet data plans launched earlier this month for pricing.

Samsung 10.1 Specs:
  • Dual-core 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 T20 processor
  • 10.1" WXGA 1280x800 TFT (PLS) screen
  • 1GB RAM
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • 1080p HD video playback on a HD TV
  • 7000 mAh battery
  • Adobe® Flash® 10.3 technology
  • 3MP rear camera with LED flash/720p video, 2MP front-facing camera
  • 4G LTE – DL speeds of 5 to 12 Mbps, upload speeds of 2 to 5 Mbps in 4G

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WhatsApp For iPad Via Cydia

If you are a fan of the WhatsApp messaging tool on your iPhone like me, you'd probably like to get it enabled on your jailbroken iPad as well. To enable WhatsApp on your iPad or iPad 2 with the latest version of WhatsApp (currently 2.6.4). You need to install your purchased copy of WhatsApp on and install WhatsPad via Cydia on your iPad.

This jailbreak tweak tricks WhatsApp into running on other iOS devices besides the iPhone. A 3G connection is needed to eliminate the restriction on other 3G-capable devices. This tweak, according to developer @Lee28UK, was submitted to the Cydia store and is expected to be available to all users shortly.

App Store: 100 Billion Sold

Selling faster than hotcakes, and hamburgers at McDonalds. It took McDonalds 46 years to sell 100 billion burgers, but Apple and Android should be reaching 100 billion Apps sold in the next couple years following 7 years after the launch of their respective App Stores. And now you can buy buy iPad Apps in bulk...

Do you believe ZDNet's logic in these sales projections?

4G LTE Upgrade In September

After Motorola and Verizon promised a prompt upgrade of the Motorola Xoom tablet back in February, it appears that they'll have to wait 2 more months. Customers will also have to ship off their tablet for a week and hope that it comes back in one piece. The delay may have been due to the FCC finally approving the 4G LTE upgrade for the Xoom.

It is surely possible that Apple will surprise us with a 4G iPhone and iPad in the fall, but it certainly isn't likely since 4G is still only available in a limited market. I would be livid if I lived in a 4G metro area and had to wait for the 4G upgrade, especially since the Samsung 10.1 is already out with a 4G connection.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Netflix Losing New Subscribers

In the past couple months, more of my friends have finally joined Netflix and are loving it. But according to their earnings report yesterday, Netflix has added the same amount of new subscribers as it did a year ago. Netflix recently announced a huge price increase for people streaming and receiving DVD's in the mail.

Many think that Netflix may be deluded on revenue, but some think it is overconfidence. I'm on a streaming only plan and use it on my AppleTV and iPad, which plan are you signed up for?

Why The iPad Is Better Than The Kindle

We're all familiar with the pervasive impact that Apple products have had on the market ever since the iPod came out. The company seems bent on dominating the telecommunication and technological world with its brand building and user-friendly features. The iPad is no exception to this and its popularity is, in large part, due to the diversity of the series. There's no shortage of eReaders on the market, but here's some of the reasons that if you thinking about getting one, the iPad blows other eReaders like the Kindle out of the water:

Function and Capability

The one hard fact about the iPad is that it has multi-function capability. If you get a Kindle, all you're getting is a reader, which performs this function well but that's about all it does. The iPad, on the other hand, is a device that will do just about anything. You can download books the same way as you can with the Kindle, but, in addition, you can play games, browse through the Internet, and download apps.

Screen Size

The iPad has a full color screen that's big enough to read anything with ease and it's comfortable on the eyes. It's multi-touch screen and gesture sensitive capabilities are as aesthetically pleasing as they are engaging and fun to use. Although the Kindle is easy to read, the small screen and lacking touch screen often make it more cumbersome to use.

The Market

Simply put, there's a massive market for the iPad. There are thousands of apps and features that you can use on this device that can pretty much manage your entire life. It's not just for entertainment. Apple goes far beyond the constraints of other eReaders and creates an entirely new experience for users with its vast network and Tech Support. Amazon does a great job of providing support as well, but the Kindle's singular function limits the need for it.

The Active Brand

Probably the biggest reason why the iPad is the preferred choice is because the brand is so active. Many other devices are struggling to gain a small share of the market while Apple has continually proven to be the leader in developing and implementing innovative approaches to the way people interact with technology. Everything else is an imitator, and, while the rest of the market is scrambling to play catch-up, the iPad continues to surpass everyone else in sales and capability.

If you don't want all the iPad's ancillary features, then the Kindle would be the way to go but realize that all you can do is read books. This might be preferable to some people, but for many, having the added features with the iPad has proven a stronger candidate on the eReader Market and we're not likely to see anyone topple the iPad anytime soon.

Planning To Buy A Tablet This Year?

It looks like when you exclude those not interested in buying a tablet (or they already have one), half of consumers are planning to buy an iPad this year. Android has "sold consumers", about 20% of them to buy an Android-based tablet this year. The holiday market is sure to be huge this year, and 3 out of 10 consumers have really not decided what they want yet, but most tablet owners pay for content.

Amazon is planning to enter the market in a couple months (along with a new iPad from Apple) and could definitely try to win on price. Amazon has been building Kindles for some time and knows what consumers want, they just need to "build it and they will come". These next few couple months will definitely be interesting...stay tuned!

How To Run Facebook iPad App On Jailbroken iPad

Update #1: It appears that Facebook is blocking the work-around

Update #2: FaceForward reactivates the iPad Facebook App yet again.

Now that Zuckerberg leaked the Official Facebook iPad App, you can run it on your jailbroken iPad. Here are the steps to finally get Facebook for iPad installed on your device that "isn't mobile". Before we start, be sure that you've jailbroken your iPad! Here is a video tutorial to help you understand the complexity of this tweak for running the Facebook iPad App.

Step 1: Install OpenSSH from Cydia.

Step 2: Launch Fugu with your iPad on the same local network as your computer.

Step 3: Connect To: "IP Address of your iPad" Username: root then click Connect button.

Step 4: Enter your root password, it is alpine if you haven't changed it and click Authenticate.

Step 5: Click "Go To" button on toolbar.

Step 6: Enter the following...

Step 7: Move the Info.plist from the right to the left to copy

Step 8: Opposite click on the Info.plist to open

Step 9: Property List Editor should open this file. Then "Add Child" from the toolbar, name it UIDeviceFamily.

Step 10: Set Value Type as Array and add items below

Step 11: Head back to Fugu and Overwrite the Info.plist file, then respring your iPad.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

iOS 4.3.5 iPad Jailbreak, Tethered

A little more than a week after Apple released iOS 4.3.4 to address a PDF security hole used for JailbreakMe, Apple has released another update in iOS 4.3.5. Accordingly, my CDMA iPhone can be updated to iOS 4.2.10. This update is to fix a security vulnerability with certificate validation and SHOULD BE AVOIDED for iPad 2 users especially.

DO NOT UPDATE, iOS 4.3.3 is preferred...

If you have went updated past the iOS 4.3.3 version, JailbreakMe will not longer work and you'll need to downgrade your iPad to iOS 4.3.3 if possible, otherwise your iPad will have a tethered jailbreak (and your iPad 2 cannot be jailbroken).

iTunes Password Tweak (Jailbreak)

If you are like my, and active in the iTunes and App may be getting tired of entering your iTunes password over and over again. Filippo Biga (of iSpazio) developed a jailbreak tweak to eliminate the need to do this anymore.

This is a nice tweak, but I do like having a paywall block for my kids when they are borrowing the iPad, double-edged sword. Just stay away from the most common passwords!

Facebook iPad App

Many of you may remember that Zuckerberg said the iPad wasn't a "mobile device", making it unworthy for a dedicated iPad app. This has left the door open for many developers to take a shot at making their own Facebook app priced moderately under a couple bucks.

When you turn your iPad horizontally, your online friends list appears and you can chat with them like you do on Facebook. This chat doesn't seem quite as annoying as the recent desktop site upgrade of Facebook.

Here is a video tutorial to run the leaked Facebook iPad app on your jailbroken iPad.

Apple iPad Ad, We'll Always

The latest ad for the iPad shows off some of the cases where your iPad can be used in everyday tasks. Apple is expecting that their tablet will change peoples lives, it already has changed the way that I live mine...

We'll never stop sharing our memories. Or getting lost in a good book. We'll always cook dinner and cheer for our favorite team. We'll still go to meetings, make home movies, and learn new things. But how we do all this will never be the same.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

iUser Jailbreak Hack For iPad

There is a very nice new Cydia hack called iUsers that allows those that have and iPad or iPad 2 that is jailbroken to have multiple user accounts on an iPad. Each with separate mailboxes, settings and apps...this would be perfect for my kids that always manage to send emails from my mailbox with coloring book artwork. Having this separated is much desired since it is painful to set restrictions each time you hand over the iPad.

We have discussed iOS 5 enhancements that we'd like to see such as running multiple apps on the same screen and multiple users accounts for iOS on the iPad. If you would like to try out iUsers, add as a source in Cydia then just search for iUsers.

Here a video demo of iUser:

They are working through a few bugs within iUsers

New OS X Lion Gestures

Well if you've found the time (and money) to download OS X Lion you may have found a few new gestures being used on our TouchPad. TheNextWeb has uncovered a few of the more popular gestures that users are trying to use.

Have you updated your Mac to Lion yet? My MBA isn't yet, but I'll probably do it this weekend.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tablet Sales Up, iPad Market Share Down

In the Q2 2011, Apple sold 6 million more iPads that a year ago and their market share dropped over 30%. This was bound to happen since Android and other competing tablets were non-existent around this time last year. Motorola, Samsung, Acer, BlackBerry, and HP have begun to sell tablet computers with limited success. Amazon is expected to expand the Kindle and get into the Android tablet market later this fall, this will certainly stir the pot even further.

It was rumored that RIM would discontinue the PlayBook a couple weeks back, RIM has came forward to announce there are "no plans to discontinue" the tablet. Tablet sales are more that 3 times what they were a year ago and are expected to grow steadilty for a couple more years.

Google Plus For iPad

After using Google Plus in beta mode for the past couple weeks, it seemed like a long wait for the Google+ iPhone App. Now that it has arrived, I find myself using it quite often...probably as much as Facebook. The downside is that Google forgot to included support for the iPad. You can either check out the steps on iDownloadBlog or just check out the video tutorial below to install Google+ on your iPad.

Since Google+ isn't an HD mode for the iPad, you will still have to view it in 2x mode. It is certainly better than putting down your iPad to grab your iPhone for a Google Plus notification though.

Where Are These iPhone Apps?

Via CollegeHumor

Do It Man, It'll Be Awesome!

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Also...Goodbye And Good Riddance White MacBook

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

iOS Developers Paid $500 Billion

Apple announced during the conference call that so far, $2.5 billion has been paid out for iOS developers which is up from $2 billion in the previous quarter. With 222,000,000 iOS devices out in the world right now, it is definitely understandable why developers are leaning toward working on iOS devices.

Back in January, the iPad was 7% of the PC market. IDC's latest estimates show computer sales (excluding tablets) was 84 million. After the nearly 10 million iPad's sold in the past quarter, the iPad is now 11% of the PC market.

Lenovo IdeaPad, ThinkPad Launch Date

Chinese manufacturer Lenovo officially announced the IdeaPad K1/P1 and the ThinkPad. The ThinkPad is a brand of business laptops dubbed the IBM ThinkPad, the ThinkPad tablet is focused on the business user. Here are some specs for each of the tablets:

Lenovo IdeaPad K1

Appears to be another standard Android tablet with an aluminum casing. It has a 10.1" 1290×800 display, comes with Android 3.1, and a 1GHz dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. Internal storage is up to 64GB, with up to 1GB of RAM. The forward-facing camera is 2MP and the rear-facing is 5MP and a 10 hour battery.

The base price on the IdeaPad K1 is $449 for the 16GB version with release in August

Lenovo IdeaPad P1

This tablet is very similar to the K1, except that it runs Window 7 Professional with a 1.5 GHz Intel processor. This tablet can be souped up with more RAM, but doesn't include a rear facing camera. Instead of 10 hours like the K1, the Intel processor/Windows combination reduces the battery life to 6 hours.

The IdeaPad P1 has no price yet, and will be available sometime in the "4th Quarter 2011."

Lenovo ThinkPad

Lastly, this tablet comes with Android 3.1 or 3.2 and a 1GHz dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. The display is 10.1-inch at 1280x800px with interal storage ranging between 16 and 64GB. 1GB of RAM, a 5MP rear and 2MP front camera and a good collection of productivity apps. The battery is rated to get 8.7 hours while on Wi-Fi. A capacitive ThinkPad Tablet Pen is also included along with an interesting laptop case/dock accessory allowing for a full keyboard.

The base price on the ThinkPad Tablet is $499 for the 16GB version with release in August. Hands on video via ThisIsMyNextVideo

Women Prefer A 7 Incher Over A 10 Incher

The one thing that I takes from this gender graph, is that neither males or females are satisfied with only 5 inches. Now, if you haven't figured it out already...I am talking about tablet size. For me, the iPad size is perfect for use in meetings, playing a game or typing at arms length away.

I have found that my iPhone 4 is being held much closer to my face, now that I've upgraded to the iPhone 4 and the retina screen. I feel somewhat restricted using the smaller iPhone screen as compared to the iPad, but perform many tasks on both of them. What drives you to put down your iPhone and grab your iPad? A long-winded email or Angry Birds?

Charting Apple iPad Sales

On yesterday's earnings call, Apple reported record earnings for the company on strong iPad and iPhone sales. Apple managed to ship 9.25 million iPad units during the past quarter, along with 20.3 million iPhone units.

iPad unit sales chart

iPhone unit sales chart

With the price reduction on the iPhone 3GS at AT&T likely boosting sales, I'm curious as to the total sales of the older unit. Since the iPhone 3GS is exclusive to AT&T as a "cheaper model" do you think they are working on a Verizon unit as well come September?

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Also, 9 iPad Apps On Sale Today

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Record Earnings For Apple

Apple earned $7.31 billion in net profit on revenue of $28.57 billion in the June quarter. Apple Q3 2011 earnings managed to beat even the skewed estimates for Apple expectations.

Important stats from the Apple Earnings call:
  • $28.57 billion in revenue as compared to $24.72 billion WallStreet consensus
  • $7.79 Earnings per share vs. $5.71 EPS WallStreet consensus
  • 20.3 million iPhone shipments in the quarter
  • 9.25 million iPad shipments in the quarter
  • 3.95 million Mac shipments in the quarter
  • Half of Macs sold to people never owning a Mac
  • 7.54 million iPod shipments in the quarter
Apple Revenue Breakdown by segment...

OS X Lion is expected to be released tomorrow, where's the new MacBook Air?

Apple iPad Dock For $10 Bucks

Verizon is offering a good deal on an Apple-branded iPad Dock which currently retails for $29.00 on Apple website. Verizon is offering the same iPad Dock for only $9.97 with free 2-day shipping.

May as well save a few bucks if you'd like to get an iPad dock.