Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best Cases For iPad 2

$50 - $80
Powis iCase - Red Alligator Skin

I received an Alligator Skin iCase From Powis earlier this summer, we also gave this case away. So I ended up selling my DODOCase on eBay and switched exclusively to the Powis iCase. This high quality iPad 2 case is available in the afore mentioned Red Alligator Skin, Malibu Blue Leather, Vintage Cook Book, Antique Book, or you can design your own.

The back has a plastic flipstand the is well designed and very useful for while using Airplay to our Apple TV or browsing the App Store. The elastic enclosure is very robust, leading to my only complaint about this iPad 2 case. The elastic enclosure is very snug, almost too snug to get out of the way...but after a week and 100 or so stretches it isn't as difficult to maneuver to the back and front of the case. I guess much like it is better to serve food hot and allow it to cool, it is smart to provide an elastic band that will be most effective after months of use.

The exterior corners have a rubber edging applies which makes the case stand up very nicely and doubles as a business card holder. On the left side of the iPad 2 lies the genius of this case, the quick release lever. This lever allow the iPad 2 to be removed and installed in seconds, as compared to the 10 minutes it too me to install the OtterBox Defender Case onto my iPad 2.

$30 - $50

Bear Motion Genuine Leather Case for iPad 2

Bear Motion Leather Case for iPad 2 is a really well made leather case and is available in Black, Brown, Pink, and a Slim Version This case has a nice overall "Feel". Fine leather and acceptable weight at 291 grams. The Bear was sturdy and offered great protection all around. It of course offers more protection than the CaseCrown show discussed below. It seems light enough to carry into a meeting but sturdy enough to throw in a knapsack an feel it was secure.

The magnets work flawlessly with the iPad 2, closing with a "snap" and staying closed until you wanted to open it. The stand worked very well, one of the best kickstand cases, probably because the leather was thicker allowing it to stay in place a little better.

The Bear Motion is seems a little too rugged, the weight and thinness of the CaseCrown would be preferred with the quality and sturdiness of the Bear Motion. This case is relatively boring as compared to the Powis iCase variety of quality cases or even the CaseCrown offerings.

Under $30

CaseCrown Bold Standby For iPad 2

The CaseCrown is available in Black, White, Purple, Blue, Red and a few more vibrant colors. A couple of the more appealing parts of this iPad 2 case is the price and quality. It is 25% lighter than the Bear Motion case, providing the most protection without sacrificing weight. The quality of faux leather is quite nice making it hard to tell that it isn't the real thing.

A few issues I've found with this iPad 2 case are that the volume buttons are a little difficult to reach. This CaseCrown certainly feels a little flimsy when you flip the cover behind the iPad to hold it open. This weakens the case when being used as a stand, making the closing strap not aligned up correctly. This misalignment was not found initially, but after a couple months of use and did not affect the functionality of the magnets putting or waking the iPad 2 from sleep.

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