Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grablet, Getting A Handle On Your iPad 2

I tried out the Grablet this past weekend for my iPad 2 and have found many personal uses for iPad grappling accessory. The Grablet snaps snuggly around the 4 corners of your iPad, giving your prized possession a handle. My kids handle my iPad 2 quite often, but I didn't see them using the back handle...they do have small hands though. We have used the iPad 2 for media entertainment in our SUV, and the Grablet make it easy to hang the iPad 2 for long car rides while connected to our BlueTooth car audio.

It the business market, I see many applications for this type of accessory. My dad recently retired from Hostess (mmmm Twinkies!) and hand a handled computer for his daily stops and stock monitoring. The Grablet seems perfect for a utility technician, FedEx/UPS driver, or an equipment/plant operator. I rarely use both hands on my iPad 2, but usually us it in leisure on the couch with the tablet on my leg. The Grablet is not intended for iPad protection, but instead to get a grip on it. This product is very versatile and has many applications in the home, car, or in the workplace.

The Grablet is available for the iPad 2 for $39.99 in a variety of colors, Hot Pink appears to be sold out though!

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