Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WinterBoard Updated For iOS 5 iPad

If you are like me, you jailbreak your iPad for multiple reasons. One of my reasons is to unlock Apple's "walled garden" to allow complete customization access in terms of themes. Cydia contains many great tweaks to make your iPad operate with more user custom settings, and Winterboard was developed by Cydia creator Jay Freeman himself.

Winterboard has been in beta testing for a couple weeks now, and is now fully compatible and stable in running along side iOS 5. Winterboard has given many jailbreakers fits in the past, but this time it make actually be the custom theme in need of tweaking.

Give it a try, hopefully we will be able to jailbreak iOS 5 on our iPad in a couple more days (weeks?). Jailbreakers may be laying low until the expected iOS 5.1 release with iTunes Match support is launched.

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