Friday, October 14, 2011

Top 5 Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPad 2

We at iPadJailbreak have created a new YouTube channel to give you reviews of the latest Cydia tweaks. Check out my top 5 Cydia tweaks for all iDevices (but, this video was mainly made to show iPad 2 users some cool tweaks for 4.3.3).

Tweaks in order:

1. Activator (FREE) - Assigns screen gestures and button press combinations to do a multitude of actions, from launching apps to controlling the iPad application.
2. Gridlock ($0.99) - Removes the requirement for the springboard grid to align and fill left-right and top-bottom without needing to use transparent icons.
3. AnyAttach ($1.99) - Cydia tweak that adds a paperclip to subject line of all emails, tapping allows your to add whatever your iDevice file you can find.
4. Graviboard ($2.99) - Makes you springboard icons bounce around
5. SBSettings (FREE) - Swipe the status bar to toggle your iPad settings like WiFi, BlueTooth and others. Cydia has many more add-on tweaks/apps as well.

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