Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iOS 5 Adoption Rate

My family has an iPad 16GB WiFi, iPad 2 64GB 3G, two iPhone 4's and my new iPhone 4S. Only 2 of these are currently running iOS 5, my wife's iPhone 4 and my iPhone 4S (obviously). So we are 40% converted, mainly because my iPad 2 the other iPhone 4 is jailbroken and my little kids use the iPad and don't urgently need the iOS 5 features.

There were some early server issues on Apple's end with the launch of iOS 5 last Wednesday, but I bet that didn't deter too many from updating. According to Loyalytics,iOS 5 is already running on over 30% of all iOS devices being supported and has been available for only 6 days.

The iPad 2 and iPhone 4 have the highest adoption rates, but surprisingly, many of the older models have also updated to iOS 5. There are certainly a few jailbreakers that are either waiting for an untethered version of an iOS 5 jailbreak or iPad 2 owners waiting for any jailbreak of iOS 5 (along with iPhone 4S).

Hopefully an iOS 5 jailbreak, along with Siri on the iPad 2 will be coming soon as well!

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