Monday, October 10, 2011

Activator, Action Menu, RetinaPad, Overboard For iOS 5

Dustin Howett, the creator of PreferenceLoader, made his Mobile Substrate utility available to jailbreak developers this past weekend. PreferenceLoader enables configuration settings for your jailbreak tweaks, being the most important piece of the puzzle.

Ryan Petrich has been diligent this weekend, updating my favorite and most used Cydia tweak on my iPad, Activator for iOS 5. With the official version of iOS 5 along with an iOS 5 jailbreak around the corner, the jailbreak developers may have trouble keeping up at first. RetinaPad, Overboard and Action Menu by Ryan Petrich are also updated for iOS 5 Cydia functionality.

Bring on Siri for the iPad and let the jailbreaking begin!

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