Monday, September 19, 2011

Saurik Q&A On Cydia

One of the more interesting discussions was around the number of devices jailbroken according to Jay Freeman (saurik), the creator of Cydia. After a new iOS update, the number of jailbroken iDevices (iPad, iPhones and iPod Touch) is around 6%, although it has risen as high as 12% after a longstanding version of iOS.

I would suspect that the number of iPad's being jailbroken is probably a little lower since many iPad owners are new to Apple. The iPhone (and the jailbreak community) has been around longer, and is probably close to 1 in 10 iPhones being jailbroken. Saurik has filed a patent lawsuit for after the owner passed on a $1,000 offer for the domain.

Q&A With Jay Freeman

Q: Have you (Saurik) ever been contacted by Apple?

A: No, Apple has never contacted me. I think the company simple wishes to pretend I do not exist.

Q: How many iDevices are Jailbroken?

A: Roughly around 6 – 12 % of iDevices are Jailbroken. When Apple releases a new version of the iOS, the percentage drops to six, but it can climb as high as 12 percent.

Q: Is Cydia the place for rejected apps?

A: Yes and No. Cydia welcomes applications Apple might have rejected from the iOS App Store.

Q: What happened to Cydia for OS X?

A: There were still many bugs to work out with a Mac OS version of Cydia. Once these have been squashed, Cydia for Mac might just be released.

Jailbreaking is certainly becoming more mainstream with the simple jailbreaking methods such as the three JailbreakMe exploits. Cydia was a long and complicated process, taking years to develop

Presentations from p0sixninja, MuscleNerd, Saurik and other iOS Cydia developers are available at It appears that the MyGreatFest has been renamed JailbreakCon and will happen annually. This year's was in London (wish I would have went!) and next years should be in the United States.

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