Thursday, September 22, 2011

KBShortcuts Cydia Tweak For iPad, iPhone

KBShortcuts by iSam combines a few nice functions on the iPhone to really improve productivity on the iPhone. KBShortcuts is a paid Cydia tweak and is available for $2.50. KBShortcuts took the best elements of Swype, TextExpander, and ActionMenu, and made it work within a single tweak. KBShortcuts includes the ability to:
  • Translate
  • Search and Replace
  • Define Word
  • Word Count
  • Overwrite Mode
  • Text Navigation/Selection

To enable KBShortcuts, you just need to swipe the 'Spacebar' on the keyboard to the shortcut key. If you want to 'Copy' swipe from the spacebar to the 'C', to 'Select All' swipe from the spacebar to the 'A'. Custom text can also be inserted quickly through a setting within the KBShortcuts tweak.

Simply slide your finger from the Spacebar to the "?" (need caps-lock on) to get the help menu.

Full KBShortcuts Help Menu
? - Help
! - Set/Reset/Disable Keys
. - Disable KBShortcuts
@ - Insert Email
a - Select All
b - Set Bookmark
c - Copy
d - Define Word
e - End of Document
f - Search
g - Go To
h - Beginning Of Document
i - Line Up
j - Previous Character
k - Line Down
l - Next Character
m - Next Word
n - Previous Word
o - Toggle Overwrite
p - End Of Line
q - Start Of Line
r - Replace
s - Select Current/Previous Word
t - Translate
u - Toggle Case
v - Paste
w - Word Count
x - Cut
y - Redo
z - Undo
0-9 - Quicktext (10)

KBShortcuts is available through Cydia (may need to Reload Data) for $2.50 this morning. No new icons will be added to your Springboard, configurations are through the Settings.

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