Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jailbreak For iOS 5

The good news for iDevice owners is that the Chronic Dev Team has made progress on the iOS 5 Jailbreak for the upcoming 5th generation iPhone(s). I think the public is ready for an iPhone 4G, maybe the cellular companies aren't ready though.

After the iPhone 4G design specs are made available, the Chronic Dev Team will working diligently to prepare a jailbreak solution for the public. The Chronic Dev team prepared for the iPhone 4G jailbreak, without having the device in their hands yet.

The jailbreak solution will be a “Userland” exploit, this is a methond of jailbreaking through modifying commands existing outside of the iOS kernel. Popular browser based userland exploits such as the three versions of the popular JailbreakMe solution, patch iDevices at a software level to jailbreak them. Boot exploits allow for low-level control.

The biggest downside of a exploit that is userland based is that Apple can easily patch it and has been doing so promptly.

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