Tuesday, September 27, 2011

iPad In The Workplace, Distracting

There are many instances where people use an iPad in the workplace, but what about when people bring their personal iPad to work. If you thought that a smartphone was distracting in the office, the iPad is only worse when brought to the office. I use my iPad regularly in my job but like many, I easily get off task and find myself off on some unrelated tangent.

Smokers are probably the most noticed "slackers" since they are in display at the front door 4-6 times each day. Most of the slacking off actually happens while inside the cubicle.

For all the bosses out there, you probably need to tell your employees to leave their iPad and iPhone in the car while at work. Non-work related internet surfing will surely rise, but overall your employees will be more efficient. If you have a smoking, spacey, socializer at work that has a smartphone and tablet within their grasps...be sure to dump all the extra work on them!

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