Monday, September 12, 2011

iOS 5 Gold Master

It is expected that iOS 5 will exit beta versions to be iOS 5 GoldMaster on September 23rd according to an analyst, referencing iPhone and iPod Touch assemblers. Ming-Chi Kuo stated "A release of iOS 5 to assemblers the week of Sept. 23 means its likely finalized hardware units for the new iPhone and iPod touch will begin to ship at the end of September. With an estimated 10 to 12 days for shipping, the two new devices are likely to be available by mid-October."

iOS 5 had 10 improvements featured, hopefully Apple kept something good up their sleeve!

These references point to the N94 iPhone, which is expected to be the iPhone 4S. Many believe this version (N94) is a slightly redesigned iPhone 4 to enable CDMA/GSM worldphone capabilities into the current iPhone 4. According to many different case designs, it is expected that the iPhone 4GS or iPhone 5 will be more than a slight redesign.

iOS 5 is jailbroken in the current version available to developers (beta 7), with an announcement in June from Apple stating that iOS 5 availability would occur this fall.

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