Monday, September 19, 2011

Cydia Tweak: Gesturizer On iPad

Ever since I enabled multitasking gestures on my jailbroken iPad back at the first of the year, I rarely touch the homebutton. I actually have found the only time I use it is to exit icon edit mode, otherwise you can remove it from the next iPad for all I care.

Gesturizer is a nice Cydia tweak that allows you to add custom gestures to do about anything. There are a couple preset gestures for YouTube and SpotLight to give people a preview of this cydia tweak capabilities. Just search Cydia for Gesturizer from Big Boss.

You will notice that Activator being pre-installed is required, obviously you'll need an jailbroken iPad to install Gesturizer via Cydia.

This installed quickly on my iPad with no "safe mode" issues like some have claimed.

I have created a custom gesture to open my Calculator for a hash tag (pound symbol) since I can never find it when I need it. This gesture tweak is probably the best for those apps that you consistently have trouble finding and reluctantly end up searching spotlight like I do.

Gesturizer can be downloaded from Cydia through the Big Boss for only $2.99, I have installed it on both my 1st Gen iPad, 2nd Gen iPad and iPhone 4 with a single purchase. Overall, I am impressed with the functionality of this Cydia tweak, what do you think?

Here is a video demo from iDownloadBlog on an iPhone:

We will try to get a video demo for the iPad up shortly.

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