Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Apple With Most Smartphone Shipments In 2011

According to Digitimes research, nearly 500 million smartphones will ship worldwide in 2011. According to Google, the population of earth is nearly 7 billion. This suggests that 1 out of 13 humanoids (man, woman, child) has been shipped a new smartphone in 2011. Certainly a few have been broken, etc...but 500 million smartphones is a signficant amount!

The number of smartphones being shipped in 2011 is up 60% from 2010 when only a measly 290 million smartphones shipped. Nokia cleared 100 million smartphones in 2010, but is expected to drop under 75 million in 2011. According to the table at the bottom of the chart, Android devices (Samsung, HTC, LGE, and Motorola) along with the iPhone are the major hitters of Nokia/Windows smartphone sales.

The success of Apple's next iPhone announcement will determine whether Apple will remain on top in 2011 or be overcome by Samsung or HTC. According to the iPhone timeline, Apple has had at MOST 2 different models of the iPhone available. Being number 1 with only a couple different devices is a larger accomplishment.

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