Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saurik Files Lawsuit For Cydia.com

Jay Freeman (saurik) is known by millions of jailbreakers as the creator of Cydia, he has now filed a lawsuit to get the Cydia.com domain from its current owner. Saurikit LLC states in the lawsuit that the owner of Cydia.com is infringing on the Cydia trademark and is requesting transfer of its ownership.

His previous request for this domain through the URDP (uniform disupte resolution policy) for domain names was denied since the current owner registered Cydia.com 6 years ago. Cydia, now available for the iPad, was originally introduced for iPhones a couple years ago in 2007. Jay Freeman is also requesting that legal fees be paid as a result of this action.

Currently cydia resides over at cydia.saurik.com

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