Monday, August 1, 2011

Nicholas Allegra, aka Comex

Today, Andy Greenberg of Forbes posted an interview of the infamous iOS hacker, @comex (aka Nicholas Allegra). Most recently, Nicholas released the highly popular JailbreakMe exploiting Safari Mobile with pdf fonts.

“I didn’t come out of the same background as the rest of the security community,” he says. “So to them I seem to have come out of nowhere.” Allegra admits that technically, there’s little difference between jailbreaking phones and hacking them for more malicious ends. “It’s scary,” he says. “I use the same phone as everyone else, and it’s totally insecure.”

As for the most recent version of JailbreakMe released a few weeks back, comex also included a patch to protect the PDF vulnerability being exploited. Making it more secure essentially to install the jailbreak on your Apple device.

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