Saturday, August 20, 2011

iPhone Helicopter Video

After waiting a little over 30 minutes, the Helo TC helicopter no longer had a red light displayed on the USB charge...thus I made the assumption that it was fully charged. The tilt control worked well, probably easier than the joystick control overall. I managed to get over 15 minutes of flight time after a full charge.

I had some difficulty getting a flightplan to be successful, a simple take-off and short flight and landing worked fine. But when I tried to take off from the kitchen table and land on another small designated area, it was unsuccessful. The inconsistencies during take-off with a slight rotation caused the Helo TC bearing to be off slightly. The flightplan is a cool concept, and probably would work best once already in flight. Any suggestions for setting one?

The Helo TC is currently sold out, but we snagged one up with a coupon code for $40.

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