Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Griffin Helo TC For Under $40

If you were looking for an iPhone controlled helicopter, you are now in luck. This chopper from Griffin has twin rotors, aluminum frame, black polycarbonate body...and charges via USB.

The infrared controller connects to the audio output of your iPhone and uses 4 AA batteries. There are on screen touch controls or you can use the accelerometer to move the helicopter. The TC Helo app allow you to record 3 flights to play them back later for recurring flight patterns (into the kids room).

Now all this needs is a camera mounted to the helicopter with playback to my iPad and I'd be set... Check out the whole video at Griffin

HELO TC Helicopter is only $49.99, apply coupon code "PARDONOURDUST20" to save 20% and get it for under $40.

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