Monday, August 29, 2011

5 Row Keyboard, Cydia Tweak

5-Row Keyboard for iPad is a great paid Cydia application that does exactly what you'd think...add a 5th row to your iPad keyboard. The 5th row mimics the standard top row on a normal keyboard, no more hassling with a number or symbol shiftkey. You are able to customize is you prefer numbers or symbols as the default top row, and the selection switches when you press the shift key.

Above and below are a couple screenshots taken at the spotlight screen which is why the enter key says "search". Combining the 5-Row Keyboard for iPad with Black Keyboard (a free Cydia Tweak) for added effect!

To install just open Cydia, switch to "search" tab, and type the number "5". Only a few tweaks start with 5...


  1. Cydia is preventing installation of the keyboard on my jail broken 5.01 Ipad 2. :(

  2. Works great - but now my Bluetooth keyboard is in a different language - irritating.

  3. Works great but it has changed the language on my Bluetooth keyboard - can this be fixed does anyone know?

  4. can not get it to work at all on iPad 3??? It installs and when I setup through settings it removes my keyboard alltogether.


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