Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why The iPad Is Better Than The Kindle

We're all familiar with the pervasive impact that Apple products have had on the market ever since the iPod came out. The company seems bent on dominating the telecommunication and technological world with its brand building and user-friendly features. The iPad is no exception to this and its popularity is, in large part, due to the diversity of the series. There's no shortage of eReaders on the market, but here's some of the reasons that if you thinking about getting one, the iPad blows other eReaders like the Kindle out of the water:

Function and Capability

The one hard fact about the iPad is that it has multi-function capability. If you get a Kindle, all you're getting is a reader, which performs this function well but that's about all it does. The iPad, on the other hand, is a device that will do just about anything. You can download books the same way as you can with the Kindle, but, in addition, you can play games, browse through the Internet, and download apps.

Screen Size

The iPad has a full color screen that's big enough to read anything with ease and it's comfortable on the eyes. It's multi-touch screen and gesture sensitive capabilities are as aesthetically pleasing as they are engaging and fun to use. Although the Kindle is easy to read, the small screen and lacking touch screen often make it more cumbersome to use.

The Market

Simply put, there's a massive market for the iPad. There are thousands of apps and features that you can use on this device that can pretty much manage your entire life. It's not just for entertainment. Apple goes far beyond the constraints of other eReaders and creates an entirely new experience for users with its vast network and Tech Support. Amazon does a great job of providing support as well, but the Kindle's singular function limits the need for it.

The Active Brand

Probably the biggest reason why the iPad is the preferred choice is because the brand is so active. Many other devices are struggling to gain a small share of the market while Apple has continually proven to be the leader in developing and implementing innovative approaches to the way people interact with technology. Everything else is an imitator, and, while the rest of the market is scrambling to play catch-up, the iPad continues to surpass everyone else in sales and capability.

If you don't want all the iPad's ancillary features, then the Kindle would be the way to go but realize that all you can do is read books. This might be preferable to some people, but for many, having the added features with the iPad has proven a stronger candidate on the eReader Market and we're not likely to see anyone topple the iPad anytime soon.

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