Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tablet Owners Not Interested In a Reader

Recently, Resolve Market Research gathered additional data to compare mobile device owners intentions to a year ago. It shows that 53% of consumers don't plan to purchase an eReader after getting a tablet, and 42% won't buy a laptop or netbook after buying their tablet. Tablets double as an eReader most certainly, but it isn't true the other way around. Resolve also found that a third of tablet owners, actually own more that one (we've got a 1st gen and 2nd gen iPad).

People are using their tablets for the important stuff, like playing games and checking their email. But another interesting statistic found that 14% of the time we are using our tablet, we are using it to consume video. I know my kids love watching Netflix on the 1st generation iPad, not sure why they wouldn't rather watch it on our AppleTv...who knows.

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