Thursday, July 28, 2011

Smartphone Sales Breakdown

Android is continuing to lead the market in the U.S. according to a Nielsen report. RIM Blackberry is continuing its plunge, while Window's mobile has grabbed 9% of the sales. Apple iOS sales are falling on solely the iPhone 4 and one carrier with the iPhone 3GS.

As far as Android, HTC and Motorola are leading the way here in the states. Samsung will likely get a big jump following the release of the Galaxy S II smartphone in the U.S., it is selling like hotcakes elsewhere already. Apple and a new iPhone may help strengthen their overall position to take some of the dried up marketshare of RIM. 9 To 5 Mac have leaked photos of a silicone case that shows a thinner redesigned iPhone 5. The Galaxy S II and next iPhone (4G?) will both be released (in the U.S.) in a month or so.

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