Friday, July 8, 2011

Powis iCase For iPad 2

Early last week, I received the Alligator Skin Powis iCase for my iPad 2. I fell in love with Embossed Floral Powis iCase on my original iPad and hated to give it away. So I ended up selling my DODOCase on eBay and switched exclusively to the Powis iCase. It seemed like a long wait for the launch of the iPad 2 Powis iCase to be made available, but it was well worth the wait with the integration of the magnetic cover capabilities of my Apple Smartcover.

The Powis iCase leaves plenty of room for all of the controls of my iPad 2 without sacrificing protection. While my iPad 2 is playing music with the cover closed, it seems to improve the tiny speakers immensely. I have gotten many complements around the office, making my iPad 2 look classy and stylish.

The back has a plastic flipstand the is well designed and very useful for while using Airplay to our Apple TV or browsing the App Store. The elastic enclosure is very robust, leading to my only complaint about this iPad 2 case. The elastic enclosure is very snug, almost too snug to get out of the way...but after a week and 100 or so stretches it isn't as difficult to maneuver to the back and front of the case. I guess much like it is better to serve food hot and allow it to cool, it is smart to provide an elastic band that will be most effective after months of use.

The exterior corners have a rubber edging applies which makes the case stand up very nicely and doubles as a business card holder. On the left side of the iPad 2 lies the genius of this case, the quick release lever. This lever allow the iPad 2 to be removed and installed in seconds, as compared to the 10 minutes it too me to install the OtterBox Defender Case onto my iPad 2.

In all...the PowisiCase boasts 9 positions for
  • Reading news
  • Watching a movie
  • Playing a game
  • Writing emails
  • Following a recipe
  • Searching the web
  • Presenting to a customer
  • Checking sports scores
  • Running your favorite app

Overall the original version of this case had me sold, now with the addition of the iPad 2 magnetic capabilities it is still the best case I've used. I have tried many different iPad 2 cases including my genuine Nappa leather BooqPad and still go back to the Smartcover to enable the magnetic awake/sleep. I've ran my iPad 2 battery down by forgetting to put it to sleep in a lacking case.

The Powis iCase starts at $49 for the printed laminated cover and goes to $79.95 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) for the premium leather option.

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  1. I bought one of these a month ago and with one small detail it is a fantastic case. The detail is that I ordered the leather in "burgundy" but what I got was a dark brown, which wasn't an option listed on their site. I figured that my notion of burgundy was different from theirs so rather than be a dipstick and argue with Powis, I took it over to a shoe repair shop and got it dyed for $15.00. It's still a great case, highly recommended. The Quick Release latch is one of the highlights.


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