Thursday, July 28, 2011

Must Have iPad Cydia Apps

So you're running Cydia on your iPad, what cool apps start with? Here are some cool Cydia Apps to install on your jailbroken iPad:


After installing many Cydia apps on your iPad 2, it can become a hassle removing them. Usually you'll have to go through Cydia itself, it isn't like removing iTunes apps by simply clicking clicking a little X at the corner to delete it. Cydelete allows you to delete Cydia installed apps in exactly the same way.


This app is a must have for any iPad 2 user who doesn’t have an iPhone. As an iPad user, you'll often find an app which was not optimized for the larger format and is designed with the iPhone in mind instead. FullForce tricks the app into thinking it was created for the larger iPad’s screen. You need to toggle this feature to activate FullForce for a given app.


If you are away from your computer or don’t have access to a computer to easily organize the apps on your iPad 2, it can be a hassle dragging one icon around at a time to a location. MultiIconMover allows you to move many icons to different screens at a time.

Check out some of our favorite Cydia apps for the iPad 2 as well.

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