Tuesday, July 5, 2011

JailbreakMe.com For Sale

After a wild weekend full of fireworks and an iPad 2 jailbreak being leaked, the home to these easy jailbreaks is for sale. JailbreakMe.com is up for auction now at a price of $6,500, currently the appraised value is not listed (previously $300). The auction appears to be complete based on the time/date from this auction...maybe it is ending later today and can still be bid for on GoDaddy auctions.

Comex tweeted to confirm that he doesn’t own the JailbreakMe domain and he is not the one auctioning it off on GoDaddy. Obviously, Comex isn't retiring from jailbreaking Apple devices. This may have something to do with all the hype around the upcoming official pdf jailbreak for the iPad 2.

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