Thursday, July 14, 2011

iUser Cydia Tweak For iPad

There is a very nice new Cydia hack called iUsers that allows those that have and iPad or iPad 2 that is jailbroken to have multiple user accounts on an iPad. Each with separate mailboxes, settings and apps...this would be perfect for my kids that always manage to send emails from my mailbox with coloring book artwork. Having this separated is much desired since it is painful to set all the restrictions each time you hand over the iPad.

We have discussed iOS 5 enhancements that we'd like to see such as running multiple apps on the same screen and multiple users accounts for iOS on the iPad. If you would like to try out iUsers, add as a source in Cydia then just search for iUsers.

Here a video demo of iUser:


  1. I installed this app for fun but fail to uninstall it. the login prompt remains even after uninstall iuser from cydia, rebooted several times also the same. Anyone could guide me how to remove this app completely?

  2. this app seems to take up a serious amount of space. i know i had about 8gb-10gb of space but after i installed it, my ipad was actually over on space and i had to delete all the movies i had to bring that back. also it still doesnt let me make another user (grayed out) with 5.1gb of space left.

  3. it is buggy... I deleted the "only one" user in accident, now i am not able to create any user anymore.


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