Friday, July 8, 2011

iPad 3D Gesture From New Apple Patent

A new patent recently submitted to the US Patent Office suggests that Apple may be looking to implement 3D gesturing on a future iOS device. 3D gesturing will allow users to interact with an iPad or iPhone by moving their fingers near the screen. So instead of gestures while your fingers are in contact with the screen, you will have your had a fixed distance from the device.

Hopefully, many of you have had a change to try out gestures tweak on your jailbroken iPad 2 to see the awesome advantages to these. Maybe the future 3D gesturing will look something like the interface used in Ironman 2:

I highly doubt that Apple will launch a 3D product that requires glasses to function, but this patent may suggest that a glasses free 3D version of an Apple product is in the works. Here is a concept for the iPhone 5 by Guilherme Martins Schaslepen, but it doesn't include the 3D option.

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