Friday, July 8, 2011

iPad 2 Now Ships In 3-5 Days

After being stuck at 1-2 weeks since early April, the shipping delay for the iPad 2 has been shifted to "Ships: 3-5 business days" according to the Apple Store. One thing is certain, Apple is making the iPad 2 as fast as it can with the next step being to build a warehouse in the US to ship directly to customers. Once that happens, it is likely that the iPad 2 will ship in 2-3 days or 24 hours like the original iPad managed 160 days after launch.

Currently we are nearly 4 months into the iPad 2 launch, and the shipping delays have finally surpassed the original iPad delays by a few weeks. Below is our chart of the iPad shipping delays for each model, I wonder what will be in-store once the iPad HD or iPad Pro is launched in September.

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