Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How To Run Facebook iPad App On Jailbroken iPad

Update #1: It appears that Facebook is blocking the work-around

Update #2: FaceForward reactivates the iPad Facebook App yet again.

Now that Zuckerberg leaked the Official Facebook iPad App, you can run it on your jailbroken iPad. Here are the steps to finally get Facebook for iPad installed on your device that "isn't mobile". Before we start, be sure that you've jailbroken your iPad! Here is a video tutorial to help you understand the complexity of this tweak for running the Facebook iPad App.

Step 1: Install OpenSSH from Cydia.

Step 2: Launch Fugu with your iPad on the same local network as your computer.

Step 3: Connect To: "IP Address of your iPad" Username: root then click Connect button.

Step 4: Enter your root password, it is alpine if you haven't changed it and click Authenticate.

Step 5: Click "Go To" button on toolbar.

Step 6: Enter the following...

Step 7: Move the Info.plist from the right to the left to copy

Step 8: Opposite click on the Info.plist to open

Step 9: Property List Editor should open this file. Then "Add Child" from the toolbar, name it UIDeviceFamily.

Step 10: Set Value Type as Array and add items below

Step 11: Head back to Fugu and Overwrite the Info.plist file, then respring your iPad.

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