Friday, July 29, 2011

Best Paid Cydia Tweaks

Much like low priced apps in the Apple App Store, there are many reasonably priced Cydia tweaks available for those with a jailbroken iPad. Cydia developers need to be supported in the same manner, although there are many great free Cydia tweaks for your iPad.

42 more Cydia tweaks to go with the best free Cydia tweaks we discussed yesterday.

3GUnrestrictor - Tricks your iPad into believing you are on WiFi for apps (like Facetime) that block you from access on only 3G.

5-Row Keyboard for iPad - Adds a row to the keyboard through Winterboard with numbers on the top row

Action Menu PlusPack - This ActionMenu addon has many new features to the cut and paste functionality in iOS. You can "Tweet the currently selected text" or "Locate on Google Maps" for example.

Adblocker - Advertisement blocker for Safari which is easy to use, works on other applications using browser-styled views.

Auto3G - Turns off 3G automatically while the device is locked, saving battery cycles. Starts up 3G when enabled.

Barrel - Adds in 3D page transitions and cool special effects.

BTStackKeyboard - Link a Bluetooth HID Keyboard to your iPad.

Color Mail Labels - Allows different email accounts a specific color within Mail, my favorite when in "All Inboxes" view.

DisplayOut - Send the screen image of your iPad through a VGA/HDMI cable no matter if the application support it.

Dock - Multitasking switcher that includes themes, favorites, and includes a 3 day free trial.

Display Recorder - Perfect for making a video demo on your iPad.

Folder Enhancer - iOS Folders are have some issues, FolderEnhancer makes them much better.

GPowerPro - Instead of your iPad only offering slide to turn off, This tweak adds reboot and respring to the power off mode.

Gridlock - Removes the requirement for the springboard grid to align and fill left-right and top-bottom without needing to use transparent icons.

Iconoclasm - Allows you to apply many different icon layouts, such as 6x6 at 36 icons per screen.

iFile - Really, the only way to access your files in iOS.

infiniboard - Add as many icons as you like to each page.

infinidock - Add as many icons to your dock as you like.

infifolders - Add as many icons to your folders as you like.

Inspell - Alternative spellcheck and autocorrect system that can be customized and configured.

iStrings - Change text shown for iOS messages that popup.

LockInfo - Adds information to the lockscreen with customizations and theme support.

Locktopus - Allows password protection for some, all or one apps directly from the springboard.

MailEnhancer - Allows for multiple email signatures for your multiple email accounts.

ManualCorrectPro - The Pro version of the free tweak adds SBSettings toggle and autocorrect presets.

Masks - Allows your icons to take a custom shape.

Move2Unlock - Different ways to unlock your iPad instead of sliding.

MultiFlow - Full screen interface for multitasking.

OverBoard - Allows overview of springboard pages to quickly jump instead of paging through.

Photoalbums+ for iPad - Allows for additional folders beneath the iOS photos app along with password protection.

PkgBackup - Backup/restore your Cydia Apps, settings, repositories, and more quickly, never start fresh again.

Pwntunes - This allows drag/drop music along with other media to your iPad outside of iTunes.

RetinaPad - This tweak tricks iPhone apps into thinking they are on a retina screen making the 2x less distorted.

ScreenDimmer - Turn backlighting off to conserve battery life.

ScrollingBoard - Turbocharges your iPad dock with more icons, swipe right for more.

Shrink - Makes your icons a little smaller, works great with iconoclasm to fit more icons.

SleepFX - Cool effects when your iPad is placed into sleep mode.

SmartScreen for iPad iOS - Adds widgets like clocks and calendars to your iPad lockscreen.

Springtomize - Nice ways to customize the iPad springboard.

Syncronicity - Allows you to use your iPad while it is syncing.

WiFi Booster - Eliminates signal strength limit internally from the WiFi Settings pane to show more faint networks.

YourTube HD - Allows for downloading streaming video to save and view them in the YouTube app.

Here are some nice free Cydia tweaks as well!

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