Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wraparound Tweak for iPad

Apple has had plenty of chances with 5 major versions of iOS, but one annoyance I have is reaching the final screen of my iPad with only 2 options. Typically, I don't recognize that I've reached the last screen and perform a useless flick that gets me nowhere. Then I either resort to reaching down for the home button, or flicking back 4-5 times since I likely missed what I was looking for. Where's the antigravity tweak when you need it!

Wraparound is a Cydia tweak for iOS which allows infinitely scrolling with no settings or activations. Just pay $1.99 for the jailbreak app in Cydia, install and it works instantly. The simplicity of this tweak is uncanny, but I through away a couple bucks at Starbucks

Here is a short youtube clip of it in action on the iPhone.

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