Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Verizon Unlimited Data, No More

After rooting and tethering my laptop to my Android smartphone for the past 20 months through Verizon, it appears I had better renew my contract early next month. Currently, I am paying $30/month for the 5-8GB of data that I use each month from Verizon...which would force me to sign up for (and monitor) a 5GB plan.

The price changes are expected to roll out on July 7th...

Data plans:

2GB of data – $30/month
5GB of data – $50/month
10GB of data – $80/month

To add "authorized" tethering to your smartphone package, 2GB of data can be purchased for an additional cost of $20 per month.

Data plans including tethering:

4GB – $50/month
7GB – $70/month
12GB – $100/month

It doesn't make much sense that both 4GB (tethering) and 5GB (no tethering) are the same $50. On the bright-side, it appears that 3G and 4G devices will be on the same contract. It really would be nice to see an iPad, iPhone bundled data plan, you can even make an Android version for the tablets and smartphones. Price increases: thanks you sir, may I have another...no one expected the unlimited data from Verizon to last forever though.

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