Monday, June 20, 2011

iPad 2 OtterBox Defender Case

Last week, we received the new Otterbox Defender Series iPad 2 case. This new version for the iPad 2 is ultra protection for your iPad 2. In comparing the 1st generation Defender Case to the 2nd Generation iPad case, there is a 20% reduction in the weight with no compromise in protection.

During the installation of the case, I quickly concluded that the case is not meant to be taken on/off 10 times throughout the day. It is time consuming and tedious to install, but in essentially maintenance free after installation! Access to ports, speakers and buttons remain intact and the iPad 2 is rugged enough to give my 2 year-old standing on the stairs.

The Otterbox Defender iPad 2 case may not be the best for a cautious young male owner. It's design is likely focused at a fleet of iPad 2's at a daycare for children or for an engineer at a job site. For my iPad 2 personal daily use, I don't encounter many accident prone situations. But with the integration of iPad 2's by pilots and even waiters, this case will definitely keep your iPad 2 safe.


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  1. I need this because I'm a sweaty palmed geek that drops everything :)

  2. I need one of these because the screen cover apple sells with the magnets is crap.


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