Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iMessage On Your iPad

At the WWDC keynote on Monday, Scott Forstall thought that saving iMessage for last as a tease of an iOS only messaging service was a good idea. iMessage has developed a lot of conversations on the interwebs these past couple days. After developers got a chance to download iOS 5 and try it out, here are their initial thoughts so far.

iMessage is proprietary protocol specifically designed by Apple for Apple devices, you cannot exchange these iMessages with Android or BlackBerry users. FaceTime is expected to be included through carriers via 3G instead of the previously required WiFi connection. You can ping other Apple iOS users with either an iPhone phone number or iPad/iPod email address.

iOS 5 will be able to determine whether a recipient can accept an iMessage and will convert a regular SMS message automatically. This is where iCloud comes in to allow you to carry a conversation from your iPhone to your iPad. This seems to work seamlessly. Other items included in iMessage are read receipts, delivery report, and caller ID programming.

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