Friday, June 24, 2011

iKeyboard Overlay for iPad

Some at Kickstarter decided to bring touch typing to the iPad with iKeyboard, designed by Cliff Thier. This Kickstarter project reached its funding goal rather quickly, and now has $23,000 pledged of the $4,000 goal. iKeyboard has been backed by nearly 600 people.

iKeyboard will be designed to rest on top of the iPad’s displayed touch keyboard and introduces a small amount of space between your fingers and the iPad’s touchscreen keys, so that his fingers trigger letters as he presses a key.

Touch-typing and hunt-and-peck typing use different parts of the brain. Touch-typing uses what’s called muscle memory, which enables an action to become automatic. Touch-typing is like riding a bicycle, or playing a musical instrument, or just walking.

Hunt-and-peck typing “hijacks” the thinking part of your brain, making it unavailable for more important tasks. Your brain is monopolized by having to ask a series of questions and issue a series of instructions: "Where is the 'W’? Touch that spot." "Where is the 'H’? Touch that spot."

You still have a couple days to kick in and help...

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