Thursday, June 9, 2011

Evernote Peek Quiz For iPad

Apple's smart cover allows the iPad 2 to turn on automatically when you lift the edge (or first-quarter) of the cover. I have used other cases for my iPad 2, and really miss the magnetic waking/sleeping of my iPad 2 through the cover. Evernote decided to take advantage of the right edge of the screen in their latest FREE app.

Evernote Peek is designed to help people brush up on a language, practice for a quiz or even test trivia knowledge. If you are traveling, information about the places you are going such as customs can be "drilled" with this new iPad app. This app doesn't seem to be very useful for the iPhone, but can probably be installed on it. Below is a promo video for Evernote Peek for the iPad.

Evernote Peek is available for FREE from the App Store.

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