Monday, June 13, 2011

DUI Checkpoints Removed From Trapster

Since many were not fond of an App which notified drunk drivers of an upcoming DUI checkpoint, Trapster decided to remove that function of the popular iPhone app. Even though many police officers have supported the app, the public as a whole is pushing Apple to get it banned.

"The police themselves have made it clear, time and time again, that they support Trapster, and if anything, they feel it will help,"

"One of the main functions of a DUI checkpoint is to educate the public about driving under the influence," said Lt. Chris Wynn. "If an app notifies the public that we are out enforcing the law, it furthers our goal of preventing them from breaking the law."

Trapster believes that the removal of the DUI Checkpoint abilities will prevent Apple’s ban hammer from taking it out. Trapster’s has other functionalities which include alerting drivers of upcoming red-light cameras and speed traps manned by police. Hopefully the DUI functionality removal will keep this app active!

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