Monday, June 6, 2011

10 New iOS 5 Features

Earlier today, Apple presented some new features of iOS 5 at WWDC 2011. If you haven't been following along on a live weblog, here are the highlights for iOS 5 coming this fall.

Notifications - These will no longer be interruption taking up the entire screen, instead it will be more similar to Android with an animation at the top of the screen. Swiping your finger across will take you to the notifying application.

Newsstand - All newspaper subscriptions will show up in one place.

Twitter - One sign-on into twitter and you will be signed in forever. Twitter has been integrated with many iPhone apps including camera and photo apps. Contact list photos will also be updated if they have a picture in Twitter

Safari Improvements - Tabbed browsing comes to Safari on the iPad. Safari reading list can also be captured to show up in all versions of Safari.

Reminders - A New app that lets you store lists with a date assigned. Such as "remind me to order flowers for our anniversary next month", you could also set up a geographical reminder to prompt you when you are near the florist.

Camera App - New camera features available in iOS 5 allow you to access the Camera directly from the lockscreen. This was pretty much stolen from some 3rd-party apps, you can use the volume buttons to take photos. Auto focus/exposure settings can be locked for higher quality photos as well. Maybe this will help people actually use their iPad 2 camera.

Mail - Rich-text formatting (bold, italic, underline) and indents have been included. Search added for entire content of messages on iPhone and server. New keyboard feature to allow dragging up to split the keyboard in half for thumb typing.

PC Free - Software updates are over the air, only download the changes to iOS instead of the entire version.

GameCenter - After 50 million users in 9 months (as compared to X-Box Live's 30 million users in 8 years), Apple will be adding photos and achievements points per game. Recommendations of friends you may like to play against.

iMessage - New messaging service between iOS device customers. Starts with the iPhone and will later come to the iPad. Looks like the SMS app.

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