Friday, May 6, 2011

Uintah iPad Sleeve Review

This past weekend, we received a sample of the Uintah iPad Sleeve and were impressed with the attention to detail that ColcaSac had throughout the development of their iPad Sleeve. And it started with the packaging...

Lets start with the interior of the iPad sleeve that looks and feels so comfortable for your iPad, they you become kind of jealous that you don't get to sleep inside this case.

This iPad 2 Sleeve has a quiet velcro enclosue and will protect your iPad 2 installed Smart Cover very nicely. My iPad fit perfectly snug inside the Uintah sleeve case with the iPad 2 Smart Cover installed, but seemed nice and tight with the cover removed.

I'll let ColcaSac discuss the materials as they do it more dramatically.

The Uintah is made with a natural dark taupe, heavy duty 20 oz hemp canvas. You are seeing the natural color of the hemp fiber--no processing or dying with this fabric. The hemp is grown and harvested in rural China, where it grows quickly and plentifully. Hemp is grown naturally without pesticides, is easy on the soil, and is nature's strongest natural fiber (if you don't count the spider web).

After using this case along with my iPad 2 for the past couple days, the Uintah iPad 2 Sleeve seems to be a perfect compliment to the SmartCover for overall protection and style for your 2nd generation iPad.

There is already a soft-cushiony Uintah Shoulder Bag, now we just need to get the folks at ColcaSac to make us a nice sleeping bag!

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  1. Looks like it's better suited for the great white north :)


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