Thursday, June 16, 2011

Most Expensive iPad Apps

There is a lot you can buy for $1,000, in fact you can buy the most expensive iPad Apple has available and a Smart case and still have some left over. Three iPad app developers feel that they have created an iPad app worth $999.99.

The Alchemist SMS - $999.99
This app "provides users in the steelmaking and scrap metal recycling industry with the tools necessary to achieve reductions in raw material costs."

Intuition Control Solo WolfVision - $999.99
This iPad app currently has a patent-pending technology that revolutionizes video conferencing and visualizer control by offering an intuitive user interface

BarMax CA and BarMax NY - $999.99 (for iPhone and iPad)
An app that helps law students study for the bar exam. The app is over 1 gigabyte in size, which is the largest application I've ever seen. It includes thousands of pages of materials as well as hundreds of hours of audio lectures. It's all the information you could ever want for the two-month course including 1,371 real practice MBE questions from previous exams categorized by subject

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