Thursday, May 26, 2011

iPad and iPhone LCDs To Improve Outdoors with Shades

Recently when my wife was driving, I found myself playing an important game of Angry Birds Rio, and my wife asked why I was peering over my sunglasses. "The screen is impossible to see through my shades" I stated...but Apple may have a fix for for this polarizing issue in an upcoming patent recently filed.

The polarized sunglasses only allows in light which is vertically vibrating, the LCD light vibrates the wrong way and makes your iPad (or iPhone) seem signficantly dimmed. Apple has gotten a lot of criticism, some from me, but mostly by the Kindle in that the display is very poor in direct sunlight.

Apple’s new invention suggests a modified LCD with a thin layer which “receives the linearly-polarized light on one surface, converts the linearly-polarized light to circularly-polarized light, and then emits the circularly-polarized light from another surface”.

Via Apple Insider

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